Wisconsin International Trade Conference

09 May 2018

Pursuing opportunities in global trade can be daunting. From finding financing and complying with complex regulations to determining distribution channels and selecting the most viable markets, it’s a tough job.

Let Metropolitan Milwaukee Association Commerce’s World Trade Association open doors, introduce you to the right people and resources, and unlock your international potential.


The Wisconsin International Trade Conference enables you to put global trade to work for you. Improve your knowledge, improve your experience and improve your business.

At the conference you will discover how to:

  • Grow your international sales
  • Develop a strategic global plan
  • Keep current on the latest international trade issues with industry expert.

In networking with colleagues from manufacturing, service and logistics industries and hearing from high-caliber speakers about their experiences in international markets, you will make valuable connections to take your international business to the next level.

Whether you’re just starting out in global business or are a seasoned professional, at the Wisconsin International Trade Conference you’ll meet peers and professionals facing the same global issues as you. The conference’s informative workshops and compelling speakers will leave you with new ideas and ways to help your business succeed in global markets.


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Visit the Wisconsin International Trade Conference site to learn more about the event or to register.


Wisconsin Center 
400 W. Wisconsin Avenue 
Milwaukee, WI 53203