Globalization Consulting: Smart Information Products for Global Audiences

30 January 2018


Amplexor does more than translation and localization? Our Globalization Consulting services can help you take control of your translation program and plot a course to success. We can deliver clear roadmaps and technology strategies to reach your globalization goals by defining your globalization challenges, assessing all dimensions of your localization processes and identifying optimization opportunities.

Global communications require an integrated end-to-end approach to develop and present engaging content to your global audiences. Organizations are inundated by digital content and the quantity and quality is impacted by numerous variables such as language, culture, local business practices and regulatory environments.

Furthermore, the nature of digital content is changing as audiences increasingly use mobile devices to access content. Even large companies like Facebook and Google struggle to determine what content to localize and what content will ensure local market success without breaking budgets. 

Our free webinar, Globalization Consulting: Smart Information Products for Global Audiences, will provide you withvaluable insights on developing globalization and global content strategies including:

  • The key dimensions of global content
  • The three strategies to achieve localization
  • The use of multilingual content to address product lifecycle challenges
  • How to embrace global content
  • How to benchmark your translation and localization effectiveness and efficiency

Globalizing core business processes and developing a globalization and global content strategy, can help enterprises successfully expand and grow their business in global markets.

  • What is a globalization strategy? 
    A globalization strategy defines how your organization will globalize its business processes to engage and support prospects and customers in new multilingual markets.
  • What is a global content strategy?
    A global content strategy determines what content to localize and what is required to enable audiences in global markets to experience the same quality of customer service enjoyed by those in your domestic markets.

Offered in both English and German, our webinar will give you valuable insights on the importance of developing a globalization and global content strategy. 


30, January
15:00 CET

30, January
18:00 CET


René Reinli, Vice President Sales, Global Content Solutions, Amplexor 

René has 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and Senior Executive in Internet and e-business. He is an adviser and passionate campaigner for digital transformation. Rene focuses on the strategic planning and development of company product and service portfolios as well as customer-partner relations with international teams, particularly for new businesses. When Rene is not helping his clients, his passion is rooted in mountaineering, endurance sports and running ultra-marathons.