Drupal Europe

10 September 2018

As a long-time member of the Acquia Partner network, Amplexor joins the biggest Drupal event in Europe to share Drupal success stories and career opportunities in web development available throughout our offices.

More than 1600 digital experience and open source enthusiasts are expected in Darmstadt for the event spread over five days. The program includes opportunities to learn, discuss and share experiences on the future of open-source web content management, real life case studies and emerging best practices.

Join our session on 11 September, 17:00 to learn the story behind Geysir – the module that’s transforming the work of marketers and content authors with front-end website editing. Our Drupal expert, Jan Lemmens, will take the audience on a journey through the powerful features that are increasing Drupal's appeal beyond developers and technical users.

Front-end page composition with Geysir

Amplexor session with Jan Lemmens on 📅 11 September ⌚ 17:00 CEST ⛳ Room 3.03 Germanium

One of the biggest complaints often heard among Drupal authors and editors, is the lack of an easy-to-use interface. In this session, we present the current state of Geysir, a contributed module we conceived with one single goal in mind: To provide a great way for non-technical end-users to manage content in Drupal.

The Drupal community has always been very technical-oriented. In our experience, attention to real end-user features, usability and user experience is relatively low. A lot of work is done to optimize the interface for technical profiles like site-builders and developers. Marketers, authors and editors are often left out in the cold.

Fortunately in recent years, a lot of work has happened in this area and concepts like Quick Edit, Settings Tray and Media in core have all attributed to a better experience for these users. However, we find that there is still a gap in the process of actual page building. Geysir tries to fill this gap by providing a super easy-to-use interface on top of the Paragraphs module.

In this session, we will talk about issues encountered by non-technical users of Drupal in their daily workflow and show how Geysir could help in this area. In the end, we will also discuss the roadmap and try to involve more members of the community to participate in the issue queue.

Jan Lemmens is a DXM and ECM Consultant at Amplexor, specialized in Drupal. As an enthusiast for platform-independent design and open source technology, Jan focuses in architecting and building innovative, cost-effective and user-friendly solutions for Enterprise customers. He has been responsible for several successful Drupal API and architecture projects.


Drupal Europe tickets grant you access to all tracks and contribution rooms including lunch, coffee and other drinks during the conference.



Darmstadtium Science and Congress Center

Schlossgraben 1 – Darmstadt, Germany

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Darmstadtium is a modern, eco-friendly science and congress venue located right in the center of Darmstadt.