Digital Workplace Convention

25 October 2016

Join Amplexor’s team at the Digital Workplace Convention in Brussels, Belgium, and learn how to engage employees, customers and stakeholders by offering an agile and reliable information and collaboration strategy.

Amplexor will be present at the upcoming Digital Workplace Convention, which will focus on Turning Information Chaos and Silos into Information Opportunity and Collaboration.

With technology promoting easy creation, publishing and dissemination of content, enterprises are losing control of information, struggling with compliance, security, and privacy issues.

With more than 20 speakers featured in 5 different programme tracks, the Digital Workplace Convention will give you powerful insights on how to offer an agile and reliable information and collaboration strategy, helping you to engage better with your employees, customers and stakeholders.

Turning chaos into collaboration

Amplexor Case Study

The convention's programme has a dedicated track to Process & Deliver Information, where Amplexor's customer case study with the Credendo Group will be presented during the event.

As a European trade insurance group present across the continent, Credendo Group is active in all trade credit insurance sectors, providing a range of products that cover risks worldwide. To streamline the evaluation process, Amplexor helped Delcredere , Ducroire, a member of the Credendo Group, move from a paper to a digital administration.

Key topics

This event will give you powerful inputs on: 
  1. Capture data
  2. Process & deliver information
  3. Archive information
  4. Collaboration
  5. Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) & e-invoicing


Please check some of the topics that could lead to aditional discussions with our experts:

  • Multichannel capture: how to cope with different formats(paper, email, PDF, EDI, etc.)
  • How will my users access the digital documents?
  • How can we search and find all relevant information needed to support digital processes?
  • Do we need to appify?
  • How can we link the mobile world to a secured, compliant environment?
  • How do we engage our employees and customers through real collaboration?
  • New regulations (eIDAS, GDPR, Hospital regulation, etc.) and the importance of how information is archived in an organization.
  • How can we make sure the information is preserved correctly and accessible for years to come?
  • How to use our archive to gain insights?
  • How to start an e-invoicing project?


Diamant Building

Boulevard A. Reyerslaan 80

1030 Brussels