CX Exchange Retail

04 July 2018

In the retail sector there’s relentless competition with other retailers to attract, engage and retain customers. Consumer demands are constantly evolving, and innovative technologies are continually revolutionizing the retail landscape.

To gain an advantage over their competition, retailers have been managing digital transformation, seamless omni-channel experiences and embedding the “Voice of the Customer” into their operations and customer journey, while completely rethinking their buyers’ in-store experiences.

CX Exchange Retail is the meeting place for the most senior executives in the retail sector to connect with the largest retail brands and discover how they are transforming their businesses into customer-centric organizations. In addition to cutting-edge break-out sessions, attendees will have exclusive opportunities to meet with innovative, future-thinking customer experience solution providers.


The CX Exchange Retail will equip you with the latest strategies to wow your customers and give them the ultimate retail experience. At the event you will:

  • Hear inspirational success stories from world leading retailers, including Shop Direct, IKEA, Coca-Cola and more
  • Learn about the latest CX technology innovations and disruptors
  • Discover how to truly revolutionize your in-store and online experience to ensure you delight your customers

During the break-out sessions you will gain valuable tips and insights about:

  • Seamlessly merging your physical and digital experiences
  • Delivering personalized and intuitive digital customer service
  • Leveraging data analytics to better understand your customers
  • Creating a competitive mobile-commerce experience for consumers
  • Ensuring your brand keeps pace with the shifting media landscape

During the event, Amplexor will be available to talk about how our translation, content management and digital experience solutions can create a modern, truly internationalized landscape for retail companies to enhance their customers’ buying experience.

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Amplexor solves complex content challenges from end-to-end.
We offer over 30 years of experience and advancement in translation, content management, regulatory compliance and digital experience.
We streamline global communications so you can focus on growth and innovation to achieve your global business goals.


Visit the CX Exchange Retail site to learn more about the event or to register.


The Mansion House, The Warren Dr,
Luton, UK