CIDM - DITA Europe

05 November 2018

Whether you’re new to content management or a DITA pro, the CIDM - DITA Europe conference offers two days of inspiration and practical strategies around the topics of DITA, Markdown and other XML structures. 

This year, Amplexor will join the Componize team to showcase how to create, edit and style DITA content from Componize into dynamic Augmented Reality applications. 

Be sure to stop by Componize's booth to see our interactive demo and discuss the latest insights from component content management systems. 

Join us in Rotterdam for a chance to share your knowledge and gain insights from your industry peers!


The conference hosts more than 50 keynote presentations and hands-on sessions to guide beginners in technical communication and offer ideas for experts to continue pushing the boundaries in areas such as:

  • Adopting DITA, Markdown, or other XML structures
  • Effectively reusing content
  • Creating corporate taxonomies
  • Manage teams and collaborating across the enterprise
  • Implement a component Content Management System

Don't miss Frank Shipley's (Componize CTO) presentations:
Empower Your Content with Content Rules - 5th November at 9:50
Metrics that Count” - 6th of November at 8:30


Visit the DITA Europe 2018 site to learn more about the event or to register.


nHow Hotel
Wilhelminakade 137, Rotterdam - The Netherlands