Localization Services

Localization Services

AMPLEXOR’s global network of linguistic and technical experts can help you to deliver accurate information about your products while adapting it to the corresponding local environment.

Adjust your message to the local markets for better engagement.

Deliver accurate information within all your digital channels. 

Having a localized website is the key for global brand awareness. 

Every company going global these days has to consider the particularities of their local markets. When a new brand, product, software, or service is prepared for release in a new market, there is far more to adapt than just the language.

Our local experts are specialized in various sectors and industries and know all about the habits and customs of their respective cultures. By bestshoring your requests to the corresponding market, we ensure that your products and services are communicated just as effectively worldwide.

We can cover your end-to-end needs for the design, localization, and integration of multimedia content, across formats and publishing platforms. From dubbing and voice over, to subtitling, animations, videos, graphics and content integration, we’ll help you manage your digital assets for post and pre-sales multilingual content. 

With extensive experience in both online and on-site training, we can help you to develop a global multilingual e-learning program for your company. From supporting the development of the source content to the adjustment to each language and region, we can ensure the best fit for as many languages as required, both written and oral.

As part of your global content deployment, we can help align your software applications by adapting, translating, and testing in the right context. We will make sure that your application is working for its intended target market and deliver support. 

Having a multilingual website is the first step to raise brand awareness in international markets. AMPLEXOR Website Localization Services allow you to go a step further, adjusting not only your content but even your website features to your target audience’s needs and culture in order to ensure maximum engagement. 

Would you like to successfully communicate your business worldwide?

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