Language Services

Language Services

AMPLEXOR Language Services complement your global content management strategy with long-term expertise and worldwide access to resources. 

Localization capabilities covering 500 language combinations.

In-depth understanding of multiple sectors and domains.

Around-the-clock delivery supported by best-of-breed technology.

Ranked among the top 10 language services companies* for the past 8 years, we provide an extensive portfolio of language services supporting over 500 language combinations.

* Common Sense Advisory’s annual report: “The Top 100 Language Service Providers”

AMPLEXOR Language Services are closely integrated with the global content management chain, from content creation to multipurpose publishing, and include industry-focused translation and localization services, business domain expertise, and innovative processes and technology.
Translation Services

By understanding the expectations of your target audience, we ensure a more focused and consistent translation, leading to high-level linguistic and domain quality.

Localization Services

In order to reach global audiences in highly competitive local markets, we can help you to efficiently localize the content supporting your products and services.

Website Globalization

From defining a strategy to creating and managing your daily content, we can ensure that your website carries the most accurate and effective message to each target market.

Interpretation Services

We offer complete interpretation services in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Whether on-site or on-line, simultaneous or consecutive, and in a conference setting, we will work with you to select the right resources and cover the associated logistical details.

Managed Services

We can provide expert resources with the right background to meet your needs for technical writing, project management, translation, etc. We will source, screen and present candidates to work on and with your team, and bring value to your organization.

Do you need help with your multilingual content?