Globalization Platform

Globalization Platform

AMPLEXOR Globalization Platform delivers a combination of our long-term expertise and the best technology to optimize your translations and linguistic workflows. 
Through an easy to use web-based interface, our Globalization Platform allows you to order translation services, access terminology databases, do online review or even make real-time instant translations. 

AMPLEXOR Globalization Platform combines linguistic applications and complementary services delivering content translation and digital asset localization.
Documents, images, and illustrations are translated and localized in accordance with the tone and style commonly used by the organization, thus ensuring that all information is made understandable to all, everywhere, and without language barriers.
Supporting close collaboration between stakeholders, AMPLEXOR enables you to review translations in real time, validate suggested terminology, or monitor the status and progress of your projects. 

Connect with your LSP partners from one centralized system, enabling you to monitor your whole LS processes and leverage your terminology and translation memory assets. 

Customized terminology glossaries to ensure consistent translations across reviewers and global language teams.

A seamless integration to allow you to request and receive all your translation directly through your standard content management system.

Automatic translations for all sorts of short texts or documents, adjusted to tighter deadlines without compromising your company’s privacy.

Merge all your linguistic assets in a central database, ensuring online review and the access and reuse of previous translations.

Connect with a worldwide team of resources and expertise for more than 500 language combinations.

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