Table Talk

12 February 2019

David Gwyn, Global Solution Architect – Amplexor Life Sciences

Frits Stulp - Managing Director, IPERION
Vada Perkins - Head of Regulatory Intelligence, Bayer


Life Sciences organizations that confine their investments in product information management and process tracking to meeting regulatory demands will only see a fraction of the benefits that today’s technology offers. The smarter move is to use the associated new rigor, improved data quality, process automation, and discrete insights to drive greater efficiencies and more insightful decision-making right across operations.

This is the next-generation approach to regulatory information management (RIM) - treating a required compliance-driven IT investment as a springboard to something with more powerful, strategic and operational benefits:

  • Increased process automation
  • Accelerated speed to market – no more delays caused by human holdups or error
  • Risk and cost control – high-quality master data minimizes inconsistencies
  • Earlier and more insightful decision-making

Find out how industry thought leaders are closely using an integrated information flow between business functions to get the right information to the right people at the right time and transforming the way they operate.

At this dinner roundtable discussion hosted by Amplexor Life Sciences, RIM visionaries from IPERION and Bayer will provide valuable insights on the greater efficiencies already being achieved today, along with emerging best practices and personal insights.