Mastering In-Country Review – From Sticky Notes and Email Overload to a Lean Online Process

07 November 2018

A successful translation strategy means appropriately balancing three key program pillars: cost, quality and turnaround time. The goal is to secure high-quality deliverables with efficient translation project turnaround times – all at an economical cost.

With faster time-to-market expectations and increasing demands for subject-matter expertise to produce translated content, the need for in-country review has become more and more evident in recent years.

Our webinar, “Mastering In-Country Review – From Sticky Notes and Email Overload to a Lean Online Process” will discuss how to evolve outdated and clumsy in-country review into an efficient and cost-effective revision process.

The presentation will include hands-on examples of how feedback from reviewers and subject matter experts can be delivered in a collaborative and integrated fashion using state-of-the-art technology and automated processes. It will also discuss how real-time actions enable reviewers to participate early on in the localization process.

During this this presentation, you will learn about:

  • The pain points experienced by in-country reviewers
  • How to implement lean, online translation and revision processes
  • How to save time throughout the entire localization chain by removing middlemen
  • How to eliminate tedious, offline tasks and time-consuming data handling

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn the ways to improve and evolve your in-country review processes to properly balance costs, quality and turnaround times so your translation strategy is successful.

Meet the speaker

Andreas Ljungström, Global Solutions Architect at Amplexor

Andreas is a Global Solutions Architect at Amplexor International based in Berlin. His main areas of focus are consultancy and professional services aimed at streamlining and automating terminology and CAT processes for both customers and language service providers. He is currently spearheading the roll-out of XTM within the Amplexor group.