Getting Smarter About Structured Content Management

20 November 2018

For Life Sciences organizations, data is stored in spreadsheets and databases. But for an exchange of information to Health Authorities, narrative documents are required. Authoring of product-and country-specific documents has become a complex task. Structured content authoring represents a significant paradigm shift in content creation.

But how do you ensure reliable data and how to cope with the various authoring styles for content creation?

In this webinar, guest presenter, Hans Van Bruggen will review definitions of structured content and structured content authoring and discuss the challenges that Life Sciences organizations face as the volume of documents (and data and information) required for regulatory compliance increase. He will offer strategies on how to reduce the complexity and cost of managing global content through effective content analyses, simplification of documents and lean authoring styles.

Amplexor’s Agnes Cwienczek will provide insights into a structured, automated emphasis to document creation that can lead to operational cost savings and overall organization efficiencies.