Dealing with Language in the Digital Marketing World

27 March 2018

Did you know?

Amplexor provides more than translation and global consulting services. Localization is vital to building trust in your brand when expanding globally. Digital marketers need to consider their audience’s local language and cultural expectations when creating marketing materials, product content and digital experiences. Going global requires planning a comprehensive globalization strategy that includes a localization plan to ensure your brand and content is not only understood in the target market, but also well-received and effective with your global audiences.

Our free webinar, Dealing with Language in the Digital Marketing World, will provide you with valuable insights on developing a successful localization strategy. In this 40-minute session you will learn about the key components of a localization strategy such as product availability, language and culture, messaging, channels, campaigns, visuals and graphics and local regulatory considerations.

We will examine the differences between global and hyper-local approaches to your localization plans and you will gain valuable insights on strategy considerations including:

  • The number of languages required
  • The degree of localization per region
  • The marketing organization – centralized or de-centralized?
  • The process to create, translate, localize and publish marketing collateral
  • The platforms and channels to manage and distribute content

In addition to translating and localizing your message, small, often overlooked aspects of your content—such as dates, currencies, phone numbers and domains—must be localized too. With so much to take into consideration, wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that can request and receive translations directly through your standard content management system (CMS)?

Amplexor’s proprietary integration tool, ConnectivityExpert, can do just that! ConnectivityExpert provides seamless integration between your systems and Amplexor’s translation environment to eliminate manual file-handling and place your language services a click away. During the webinar we will examine the benefits of ConnectivityExpert in more detail.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn tips and techniques for planning and executing a successful localization strategy and how Amplexor’s tools can make the process easier.

Meet the speaker

Damien Dewitte, VP Solution Management DXM/ECS, Amplexor

For the past 20 years, Damien has been helping clients across industries and geographies break technical barriers and excel in their digital initiatives. Leading a team of digital enthusiasts, he believes unique businesses deserve unique strategies and is responsible for driving innovation and creating customized approaches for digital experience and content management projects for our clients.