Alfresco Meetup: Riding the clouds with Alfresco

04 April 2019


Amplexor has partnered with Alfresco to host the first Leuven Meetup of 2019. Under the theme Riding the clouds with Alfresco, Alfresco experts will come together to discuss the latest technology updates as well as share experiences and best practices.

Whether you’re an Alfresco developer, technical consultant, platform manager or functional analyst, be our guest for a casual evening devoted to all-things Alfresco. Check the evening’s agenda, meet the speakers, and save your free seat to join us in Leuven.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with the local Alfresco community and discuss the new functionality with the people who create it!



18:00 - 18:45  Welcome “meet and greet”

Informal networking whilst enjoying some tasty pizza and fresh drinks.

18:45 - 19:00  Opening of the meetup

Hans De Bal, Amplexor

19:00 - 19:30  Alfresco at cloud-scale

Nic Doye & Sergiu Vidrascu, Alfresco
The hype over Kubernetes (K8s) is real and is getting bigger and bigger - GitHub, NY Times, Box and many others are already using K8s to automate application deployment, scaling and management. Find out why and how Alfresco is also adopting this container orchestration system, as Nic Doye & Sergiu Vidrascu will even share examples of where they hit the wall. It'll be entertaining for you and embarrassing for them.

19:30 - 20:00 : Alfresco rhymes with the cloud

Younes Regaieg, Amplexor
Adopting an open platform and hooking into off-the-shelf cloud services is a safe route to adapt and evolve, while exporting part of the burden and keeping cost and quality under control. Find out how you can reduce time-to-value and maximize return on investment when integrating Alfresco Content Services (ACS) by leveraging Cloud services. Younes Regaieg will guide you through a global organization use case where we use Azure Cognitive Services to enrich our ACS indexes with content translations on the fly, in a multilingual context.

20:00 - 21:00 : Q&A and networking
A time to share your questions and get feedback from experts and peers.


Hans De Bal

Senior ECM Consultant


Hans De Bal is a Senior ECM Consultant at Amplexor based in Belgium, specialized in Alfresco. Leading a team of developers, Hans focuses on providing clients with robust solutions against their business requirements. He has been responsible for successfully leading Alfresco projects for public and finance sectors. As an open source enthusiast, he’s also frequent speaker at BeeCon Alfresco Developer Conferences throughout Europe.

Nic Doye

Senior Operations Engineer


Nic Doye is Senior Operations Engineer at Alfresco specialized in Cloud Native DevOps. As AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate, he specializes in designing and implementing next-generation architecture in Alfresco based on Kubernetes. As a “person of UNIX descent” (as he puts it), Nic has several years of experience working with UNIX administration and programming in multiple languages, and he’s still part-time dedicated to Linux projects.

Sergiu Vidrascu

Senior Automation Engineer


Sergiu Vidrascu is Senior Automation Engineer at Alfresco. With a focus on infrastructure automation, Sergiu is responsible for developing high-quality Business Process Management (BPM) platforms with an excellent developer experience. A passionate developer advocate, he’s always on the lookout for new tooling and technologies to make developers’ lives easier and help them focus on what’s important – focusing on delivering value to customers.

Younes Regaieg

Alfresco Technical Consultant


Younes Regaieg is Alfresco Technical Consultant at Amplexor and a full stack Java/Angular developer. With extensive experience implementing content services and process services around the Alfresco ecosystem, Younes is also passionate about OpenSource software communities and a proud board member of the In his free time, he’s often seen lurking on IRC channel #alfresco, participating to community discussions and answering all sorts of Alfresco development questions.

Put a face with the popular names in the Alfresco community and in the open source developer ecosystem.


Gaston Geenslaan 10, building B3, Heverlee – Leuven

A unique collaborative space that inspires teamwork and creativity, easily accessible from Leuven center by car, bus or car.

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