Technical communication takes center stage in Belgium

21 September 2017

Technical communication takes center stage in Belgium

September 21, 2017

In the era of customer experience and digital media, technical documentation is not only about high-quality detailed product content. To meet the increasing customer expectations, it is vital that your technical documentation adapts to its multiple channels, through interactive, user-centric content.

Aware of this, Amplexor organized the seminar From Technical Information to Marketing Content, on 19 September at our Leuven office, around the topics of digital experience and smart content in industry 4.0.

The networking lunch gathered an audience of product marketing, technical communication and documentation professionals drawn by the possibilities of reusing product content as a powerful resource to enhance their customers' buying and after-sales experiences.

Lode Vandermeulen, Vice President Sales at Amplexor, welcomed attendees and gave a brief introduction on the company's history and expertise. Then, through interactive presentations, our Digital Experience experts Damien Dewitte, Jan Lemmens and Ruben Thys demonstrated how to break content siloes and use technical documentation to boost marketing efforts.

Damien introduced the title of the event as trigger for the discussion, going through the challenges faced by technical writers and marketing teams, the increasingly complex buying journeys, and the benefits of bringing technical information to marketing channels. To uncover a win-win strategy, he presented the ideal scenario: to align content strategy, systems and process from both teams.

Jan focused on the "best-of-breed" approach with Drupal, integrating Componize and Alfresco DITA publishing to provide a unified customer experience and keep the different tools' own strengths and focus.

Ruben took attendees on an inside tour through Adobe’s first-class authoring and publishing experience for multilingual technical content formats, an end-to-end solution for technical content on Adobe Experience Manager.

The topics raised several questions from the audience members, who also brought their own challenges to the discussion.

Is the quality of your communications aligned with the excellence of your products?

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