Plant Information Suite showcased at Construction and Engineering convention

16 February 2017

Plant Information Suite showcased at Construction and Engineering convention

February 16, 2017

Amplexor’s Plant Information Suite was presented yesterday at the 20th Annual Congress of the Corporation des Entreprises Générales du Québec – Quebec General Contractors Guild (CEGQ). The event is a three-day convention held at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Quebec, which showcases the latest construction technologies, health and safety standards and legal and management best practices.

Jean-Bernard Saxel, Director of Professional Services at Amplexor, explained how the Plant Information Suite enables users to increase efficiency and quality through streamlined, secure and timely management of critical documentation. During the presentation, construction and engineering company representatives learned how Amplexor’s solution can benefit them throughout the plant lifecycle in the following ways:

  • Manage and monitor project-related documents through the Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance, Renew and Decommission phases
  • Securely access and check approved documents via an independent web application during Handover, Operation and Maintenance phases
  • Leverage simple forms for work Inspections, Commissioning, Decommissioning and Reports

Attendees were engaged in the demos Amplexor provided and appreciated the scalability and configurability of our solution.

Amplexor’s Plant Information Suite supports the management of documents and data through all phases of an industrial plant's lifecycle, contributing to its safety, compliance and efficiency. Through integration with Document Management services and Content Management Systems (CMS), this solution ensures the accuracy, traceability and integrity of documentation, resulting in plant owners and managers being better prepared for compliance reviews or audits.

Our experts present at the event, Jean-Bernard Saxel and Christian Turcotte, met numerous industry colleagues among the 460 attendees who visited CEGQ. A common discussion topic during these meetings was the increasing popularity of the BIM standard – a set of standards which result in guidelines that can change the way our industry designs, constructs, operates and maintains facilities. Our Plant Information Suite solution is a natural complement to these standards.

The event culminated with a “Nouvelle France” party for attendees, many of whom reminisced about old times when “content” just meant “happy”.

Do you need help preparing your plant’s documentation for compliance reviews or audits?