Amplexor’s ConnectivityExpert Complies with COTI Standard

01 November 2017

Amplexor’s ConnectivityExpert Complies with COTI Standard

November 1, 2017

Amplexor is excited to announce its ConnectivityExpert solution now complies with the Common Translation Interface (COTI) standard. The COTI standard was developed by the Association of German Manufacturers of Authoring and Content Management Systems (DERCOM), to standardize the interface between authoring and content management systems (CMS) and translation memory systems (TMS).

Amplexor’s ConnectivityExpert complies with COTI standard levels 1 and 2:

COTI STANDARD LEVEL 1: Establishes a standard method for manually importing and exporting files and data between a CMS and TMS.

COTI STANDARD LEVEL 2: Includes the Level 1 specification (common method for manually exchanging data) and establishes a standard method for the automated exchange of files and data between a TMS and CMS (or other source of translation projects).

Because ConnectivityExpert is compliant with the COTI standard, we can now seamlessly integrate our world-class language globalization system with a wider range of CMS platforms, including Schema, Noxum and Ovidius. This ease of connectivity makes our customers’ translation processes more efficient by decreasing turnaround time, which ultimately reduces overall translation costs.


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