Amplexor talks content technology at LocWorld40 in Estoril Portugal

25 June 2019


Go Global, Be Global
. This year´s theme invited everyone to share their globalization journey: from every daunting challenge to every ambitious victory. LocWorld40, which took place from 11 to 13 June, in Estoril Portugal, gathered the main players in communication across languages and cultures in the global marketplace. Many global brands like Adobe, Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon didn´t miss the opportunity to hear about the latest advancements in translation, localization, and global content management. 

Amplexor VP of Content Technology, Marcus Casal shared his passion in the panel discussion Go Global, Be Global: Transformational Challenges. During the debate, Marcus presented the audience with his enthusiastic view of the impact and commoditization of technology in the language industry. 

”There's an element of commoditization when it comes to technology - and that’s a good thing!” revealed Marcus, “Because technology should be much more than purely innovation, it should be focusing on  user adoption and integration, meaning something accessible, available and known.”

As a language industry veteran, Marcus has witnessed how language trends are constantly evolving and how the market never stands still. He believes technology should be used to transform existing businesses and generate new ones. 

Speakers from Memsource, LocalizationGuy, MemoQ, SDL and Akorbi took part in the same discussion group and shared use cases, as well as critical views regarding the future. Other sessions throughout the conference were focused on implementing next-generation machine learning and machine translation technology into the content life cycle, digital experience and the dynamic serving of customized content and customer data platforms with integrated views on audience profile.

We're sure the majority who attended the three day localization event left with new and refreshed ideas on how to strengthen their brand, support customers, maintain and grow their presence and align local needs with a global strategy. Global is definitely the way to go!