Amplexor successfully certified by ISO 9001:2015

21 November 2016

Amplexor successfully certified by ISO 9001:2015

November 21, 2016

With over 1.1 million certificates issued worldwide, ISO 9001 helps organizations demonstrate to customers that they can offer products and services of consistently good quality. It also acts as a tool to streamline their processes and make them more efficient at what they do.

At Amplexor we are proud to announce that we have been successfully certified by ISO 9001, version 2015. The 2015 edition features important changes. Nigel Croft, Chair of the ISO subcommittee that developed and revised the standard refers to this as an “evolutionary rather than a revolutionary process: We have now gone a step further, and ISO 9001:2015 is even less prescriptive than its predecessor, focusing instead on performance. We have achieved this by combining the process approach with risk-based thinking, and employing the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle at all levels in the organization.”

This is the first time we have obtained a worldwide Group Certificate, meaning that throughout our 40 offices, we have guaranteed quality requirements that are present and integrated into the day-to-day activities of our 1800 employees. We would like to congratulate all of our employees in this big success for Amplexor. Our Group Certificate is the result of a performing Integrated Management System successfully embedded throughout the organization and our outstanding efforts towards a global approach for our Clients.

As explained by acting ISO Secretary-General Kevin McKinley: “ISO 9001 allows organizations to adapt to a changing world. It enhances an organization’s ability to satisfy its customers and provides a coherent foundation for growth and sustained success.”

In this sense, currently wherever our clients contact us they will have the same quality based treatment: Amplexor’s way, embracing the future.