Amplexor's Alfresco experts selected to speak at BeeCon

06 April 2017

Amplexor's Alfresco experts selected to speak at BeeCon

April 6, 2017

Amplexor's Alfresco experts Hans De Bal and Tom Vandepoele are selected to speak at BeeCon Alfresco Developer Conference that will take place in Zaragoza, Spain, from 25 to 28 April 2017.

On Thursday, 27 April, Hans De Bal will give the presentation "Leveraging search in Share", explaining how to enhance the search experience in Alfresco Share. He will detail the different optimizations and features developed by Amplexor and how to implement them. It’s not the first time Hans is speaking at BeeCon. Last year, he hosted an expert session covering the pitfalls and the best practices in multiple Share-based applications on the same back-end Alfresco repository.

On Friday, Tom Vandepoele will participate in a Lightning Talk session. In just 5 minutes, Tom will explain how we generate custom emails from within Alfresco, for example, for sending automatic notifications when a document’s final version is available.

BeeCon is organized by a group of Alfresco community experts and aims to provide learning and networking opportunities for developers, information professionals, students and Alfresco employees. The event includes 3 days of breakout sessions, insightful keynotes from Alfresco executives, hands-on sessions and hack-a-thons.

For more information about Amplexor's participation at BeeCon 2017 check our Enterprise Content blog.