Amplexor launches a more personalized, redesigned website

14 May 2018

Amplexor launches a more personalized, redesigned website

Amplexor is proud to announce the launch of a more personalized, redesigned corporate website. The content and design overhaul of our main digital communication channel coincides with our expanding role as a global partner in Digital Experience, Business Compliance and Content Globalization Solutions.

Fully optimized for any device or browser, this makeover introduced new personalization elements and dedicated sections to offer visitors a more comprehensive understanding of the Amplexor value proposition and overall client benefits.

The pages also have a cleaner, more modern look, a new set of sleek icons, photography that’s relatable to our audiences’ profiles and an intuitive navigation. All these features were combined to help visitors get quick and easy access to the information most relevant to them, whether they’re interested in what we do, how we do it and the partners we work with across the globe.

Through enhanced content focused on our unique combination of people, technology and services, visitors can learn more about who we are, what we stand for and where our value lies when developing, delivering and maintaining solutions that guide our clients’ transformation journeys.

New content includes a new resources page, which places greater focus on our clients’ success stories and offers a direct link to helpful assets. Furthermore, new informative pages and industry-specific content are designed to help prospective customers/visitors make the right decisions in regard to their business challenges. Our popular blog has also received a matching facelift – smart topic filters personalize the reader’s experience and there’s an option to sign up to receive monthly updates directly by email.

Over the last few years, Amplexor has grown exponentially, and this newly redesigned site reflects the continued advancement of our services and solutions, as well as the evolution of our brand. With an expanding international presence and R&D focus, we will continue to develop new content and resources that grant visitors with the latest insights they need to evaluate our products and services.


"We are really proud of the website’s visibility and reach and how it has been successfully improving our communication with clients, partners, investors and media worldwide. This relaunch enhances the informative browsing experience our visitors are looking for, and represents a natural evolution as we continue to grow and increase our market presence."
Mark Evenepoel, CEO

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