Amplexor creates new free Drupal 8 module for front-end website editing

17 November 2016

Amplexor creates new free Drupal 8 module for front-end website editing

November 17, 2016

Amplexor has launched Geysir - a free open source Drupal module that aims to advance the work of marketers and content authors by enabling website building and editing straight from the front-end.

Our strong expertise in setting up digital platforms using Drupal, combined with a comprehensive understanding of our customers’ needs, priorities and objectives, helped Amplexor to pinpoint why Drupal didn’t appeal as much to marketers and content authors as it did to developers, site builders and technical users. Drupal lacks usability and interfaces which supported content authors’ daily workflows, forcing them to switch to the Drupal backend constantly.

Amplexor’s developers decided to start working on Geysir, an off-the-shelf module that brings powerful features that greatly speeds-up the work of content authors and make their workflow more intuitive, enabling webpage building and editing straight from the front-end. This is achieved through an improved user interface layer with optimized controls for every page component that boost authors’ user experience for their most critical tasks in page building.

As Geysir had a great reception by end-users, Amplexor has already plans to develop added support for new features in the near future, that will expand front-end editing possibilities, optimize management of draft versions of webpages, and reduce clutter from authors to provide high-fidelity page previews.

With these elements in place, it will become possible to build a full webpage in Drupal straight from the front-end. In this scenario, use of the Drupal backend will be limited to management of page properties which are not visible in the front-end such as metadata, menu management, tagging or version history.

As a Drupal expert and service provider and member of the Acquia Partner network, Amplexor decided to make Geysir available as free open source module, contributing to the Drupal community.

Currently, Geysir is still in its early stages of development. There are still a few wrinkles which need to be ironed out before a first stable version can be released. Since Geysir was made available on Drupal’s website in the beginning of September, it has been downloaded 85 times and is already being tested out and contributed to by numerous people, at the time of writing this article.

We are very excited to continue our work on Geysir in the Drupal community!

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