Amplexor Webinar Tuesdays - Multilingual SEO: how to optimize websites for languages and regions

21 June 2016

Multinational companies not only have to optimize their website with regard to relevant search terms, but also in terms of local characteristics. Are these tasks better controlled centrally or locally? And what technologies are available to the multilingual SEO and SEM? Find out in this webinar.

This webinar is presented in German.

The speaker

Udo Merz began his career as an IT manager of a large daily newspaper before moving to Amplexor (euroscript at the time) in Luxembourg in 2008. There, he was responsible for numerous XML Publishing projects and in a later role, as Managing Director, he was responsible for a large array of company-wide system implementations for DTP projects and quality assurance. Today, his work focuses on the development and optimization of web-based marketing solutions – such as SEO and SEM, content marketing, copywriting and conversion rate optimization.

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