At AMPLEXOR, we aim to lead by example and to learn from experience. Therefore, we are committed to set and maintain high standards of business conduct for our people and corporate governance which we believe are essential to running our business the most efficient way at all levels and strive to consistently meet them.

We have a strong, innovative and collaborative culture fostered by principles of Transparency, Integrity, Quality, Diversity and Accountability. Guided by our established standards of corporate governance and ethics we review our systems to ensure international best practices and adaptation to the challenges raised by our presence’s growth in the market place, and serving our shareholders in the best way possible.

Corporate Governance at AMPLEXOR is designed to promote the long-term interests of the shareholders, maintain internal checks and balances, strengthen management accountability, inspire public trust, and foster responsible decision making and accountability.

Clear lines of responsibility and accountability are in place throughout the organization with a continuous chain of supervision for the Group as a whole, including effective channels of communication.

The foundation of AMPLEXOR’s approach on Corporate Governance is laid down in the Corporate Governance Policy which on par with the Articles of Association and other policies, processes and Code of Conduct forms the Group’s entire Corporate Governance Framework.



Chief Executive Officer

Mark Evenepoel

Mark has held senior positions in software development, accounting, business consulting and sales management. He has extensive experience in business development within both the public and private sector.

Over the past years, Mark has focused on developing and materializing the group’s vision and expanding its presence around the globe. His professional background allows him to boost the performance of in-house resources effectively, while establishing solid external partnerships.

Driving the group’s transformation in order to face future opportunities and challengesadapting business models, and adopting ever more technology are what Mark focuses on today; he is determined to make AMPLEXOR the global reference for digital solutions.


Chief Financial Officer

Michael Such

Michael has acquired great experience in the finance and controlling field, having worked for several multinational companies. In his position, Michael oversees all financial operations for the group, focusing on global financial strategy and planning, where he facilitates reporting and ensures answerability to shareholders. He also supervises the group’s quality and security management as well as all information systems.

Michael has led a number of acquisition projects that have contributed to the group’s international expansion. He led the first M&A projects in Europe, Canada and India, followed by others extending AMPLEXOR’s reach in the US and Asia.

Michael has built a solid financial base for the group, as his mission is to make AMPLEXOR grow profitably around the world.


Chief Sales Officer

Jochen Kliemke

Through his international career, Jochen has held senior positions in business consulting, sales and general management.

He has significantly contributed to AMPLEXOR's strategic development in recent years. He heads the global sales teams of AMPLEXOR.

His experience within both the service and manufacturing industries allows Jochen to adapt the organization to changes resulting from growth, acquisitions and market fluctuations. He is committed to relentlessly pushing the global sales teams and AMPLEXOR beyond its latest frontier, as well as driving AMPLEXOR’s success story further and contributing to making its stakeholders proud to be a part of it.

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