Pierrick, Delivery Manager, AMPLEXOR France

“I enjoy organizing and working on large, challenging projects in a multicultural environment and for a variety of exciting clients."
- Pierrick, Delivery Manager


AMPLEXOR’s story isn't one single story. In fact, thousands of individual stories make up who we are.

"I started at AMPLEXOR in 2001 in France as project leader, and worked my way up to maintenance department project director and then pre sales director. With this successful track record, I was invited to lead the development team in our Canadian subsidiary, where I stood for 5 years, before returning to France in 2018."
- Jean-Bernard, Senior Project Manager




There’s more to AMPLEXOR than just the work itself. We celebrate multicultural diversity, teamwork and personal growth.

Development & Growth

Development & Growth

We help each team member thrive through our mentorship program and continual training. You can also experience different career paths moving between business units, to a different location in France or even go abroad!

Work & Life Balance

Work & Life Balance

We care about a balanced lifestyle so our teams performs at their best. You are free to adjust your lunch break to get a change of scenery and go for a run (or cycle, whatever tickles your fancy!).

Teamwork & Collaboration

Teamwork & Collaboration

Whether working at client premises or at one of our offices, open communication is essential to our success. We value each individual perspective and everyone is empowered to share their ideas.

International Environment

International Environment

Working with global clients or with our teams spread throughout different locations, what you create at AMPLEXOR travels and helps people around the world.

Drive for Innovation

Drive for Innovation

We encourage everyone to stretch their capabilities and use their expertise to contribute to our clients’ long-term goals, ensuring we remain a winning team.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

A diverse workplace equips us to make positive changes in our local communities. We connect regularly with students and new graduates and welcome young talents to our teams.


With easy, onsite car parks, it’s easy to get to any of our offices, whether it’s by car or public transportation. From the north to the south of France, you’ll always find the all-important coffee bars and kitchen break rooms for teams to meet, eat and recharge away from their desks.


Rue Louis Neel - 5577 | Route de Bagnols-sur-Cèze


ZA du Pas du Lac 1, square Franklin


40 - 42 Avenue Georges Pompidou


La Fleuriaye 5, boulevard Ampère B.P. 30738


1, rue des Néréïdes


9 Rue Marius Terce

Cherbourg Octeville

2, rue des Vindits

Lanester (Lorient)

Parc Activ Technellys, Zone Industrielle Montagne du Salut


AMPLEXOR and Kentico present customer experience and lead generation innovations in Paris

AMPLEXOR and Kentico partnered at eMarketing Paris to showcase our integrated strategy in terms of customer experience and lead generation. Our experts had a unique opportunity to connect with visitors with a live workshop on multi-channel marketing and a dedicated booth.

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Digital masters gather in Paris for an inspirational evening

AMPLEXOR’s Digital Circle Dinner in Paris has brought together an exclusive group of top digital marketers and marketing strategists for an inspirational evening event focused on the topic of digital strategy.

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AMPLEXOR meets future partners at Techinnov in Paris

AMPLEXOR Customer Experience team attended the 11th edition of Techinnov yesterday in Paris, the largest B2B forum on French soil dedicated to Innovation.

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Curious to know more? For more information about our open positions across France or anything related to working at AMPLEXOR, drop us a line.