Senior Java (Spring) Consultant

Flanders, Leuven


Let's start with what we offer you!

  • Free fruit & soup for the health freaks, amazing coffee for the coffee addicts, free sodas for the not so healthy freaks and your own personal water bottle to make sure you are never thirsty.
  • Spend your breaks at the foosball table or playing a board game, go running or just relax and have a chat.
  • Get the work done but make sure you pick your kids up on time from school, fill in your day as it suits you. Night owls are welcome too.
  • Want to make a change? Speak up! Listening is something your team coach is good at. We like happy employees and we will do what we can to make that happen.

Interested? We also offer:

  • A competitive salary package with a lot of fringe benefits
  • Electric car, bike, train, … or a combination? Our mobility package is adjusted to your personal preferences
  • A training budget that you can spend as you see fit


Ok, but what will you do exactly?

  • You will be working on projects that have big impact for your customers. Every project has its own challenges so variation in your work is a given
  • You will be leading a team of developers to get the project to where it needs to be
  • As the technical expert of the team, you are supporting the project manager and functional analyst in their communication towards the customer
  • You will be working with a framework that’s not Spring but very similar to it


Great, but are you the right fit?

Well, you need to have a few years of Java development experience with an affinity for Spring. You are willing to learn a framework very similar to it. You need to be motivated and a good communicator. Let’s figure out the rest in a face to face conversation, experience is always personal and never fits a job description!