Talented, enthusiastic and eager to take on new challenges. Is that you?

Join a rapidly growing company with a high-energy and truly international working environment. With opportunities at all career levels across 20+ countries, we're sure to have a role for you. 

Check our current job openings worldwide:

Can't find the job you're looking for?

Don’t worry! If we aren’t currently recruiting in your field, send us your on-spec application and we'll let you know if we have something for you. Leave us your spontaneous application and we’ll get in touch.

Are you a freelance translator?

We have many daily projects and are looking for the very best translators with in-depth expertise in life science, public, manufacturing and/or banking sector to join us! Apply through our freelance translators application form and we'll get in touch.


The AMPLEXOR story isn't one single story. In fact, more than 1,850 individual stories make up who we are. Check what our team members say about us:

“I started as account manager with a team of 25 consultants. In the past years we diversified our customers and projects and the team grew to 40 consultants.” – Director Strategic Accounts, Netherlands

“The multicultural diversity, the dynamics and freshness brought by all the young people is something that I truly value about working at AMPLEXOR.”  – Director Global Sales Support, Portugal

“From my small corner of the world I help our clients’ brands touch all of the other corners of the world. The globe is constantly spinning, and with it, this industry. We are always learning new things!” Client Service Manager, United States

“I enjoy organizing and working on large challenging projects in a multicultural environment and for a variety of exciting customers." - Solution and Practice Director, France

“I've been traveling over the world to nurture relationships with clients and I was responsible for teams in China and Argentina. There's so much opportunity to learn and grow.” -  Manager Strategic Accounts, Luxembourg

“Without any doubt what I like the most is the team spirit. Everybody has a place and is respected the way he/she is. This is for sure the nicest and best company I have ever worked for!" - Consultant and Product Manager, Netherlands

"I started as a translator in 2010, and the things I like most about AMPLEXOR are the flexibility, the colleagues and its capability of reacting quickly to new challenges.” - Global Solution Architect, Germany

“The positive work environment is one thing that drew me in AMPLEXOR. It feels rewarding to work in an atmosphere which demands professionalism and excellence in every assignment.” - Web Content Writer, India

“I enjoy tackling constant challenges and, in my Global Solutions role, I have the opportunity to really ‘dig in’ with a client on their process and learn what makes them tick.” - Global Solutions Architect


Our application process is like a four-step conversation. With each step, we get to know you and you get to know us a little better.

Step 1: Application submission
You've read through our job profiles and decided to apply. Great! Send us your CV through our online application platform.  If you need any extra information before you apply, simply send us an email.

Step 2: Review
Once we receive your application, we do an initial checking to your education history, relevant experiences, or your references. If we think you'd be a great addition to our team, we'll contact you for a first interview.
If you are not selected, you will be informed as soon as possible and your CV will be kept in our database for future opportunities.

Step 3: Interviews
The first round of interviews is carried out by one over our recruiters over the phone, Skype or in a live conversation.
In the next round, we'll dig a little deeper. At this stage, you'll meet some of your future colleagues who will continue with the conversation and provide more in-depth insights about the job and our company.

Step 4: Selection and offer
Now it's time to make big decisions. Our team will put their heads together and make the final call on whether or not to recruit you. If we do, we'll make you an offer. If not, we’ll give you feedback as to why you were not selected.