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Today’s fast-paced market and ever-changing regulations require telecom and media companies to focus their efforts on attracting and retaining customers.

5G technology, near-field communications (NFC) and IPTV have been driving the evolution of the telecom and media sector. At the same time, ‘smart’ innovations are widely anticipated to fulfill demands for ever increasing connectivity, speed and remote coverage.

Amplexor Telecom Solutions offers a tailored content portfolio to help telecom carriers and media content providers become more agile and propel themselves towards international success, operational excellence and global compliance.

An end-to-end portfolio for Telecom & Media companies

Specialized teams tailored to your unique linguistic, technical and business requirements

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Globalization expertise where, when and how you need it

Over 500 language combinations 

Any language for any culture

+30 years of global content expertise

Top 10 world LSP

Industry-specific terminology

Excellent quality standards

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