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In a digitalized business, personalization is key

Unleash the power of personalization at scale, offering memorable shopping experiences to customers worldwide. 

In 2020, the retail industry went through great turmoil. And as the world went fully digital in a surprise attack, many retailers were not fully prepared for the changing rules of the game.

Today, more than price, products and quality, the secret to consumers’ engagement is experience. To succeed, retail and consumer goods businesses need to be able to offer personalized and consistent experiences through their different channels, be it online or offline.

Amplexor has a proven success record in scaling marketing and sales strategies across geographies. We help Retail companies thrive in today’s global and highly competitive marketplaces, assessing which channels, messages and offers will resonate best with each audience.

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Find out what successful retail looks like in 2021 and beyond! Everything to get you started on one page: the retail restart ebook, a quiz and 10 bite-sized lessons to consolidate your knowledge.

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Learn how we helped Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer, innovate, modernize and optimize with the integration of a Machine Translation solution.

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