Amplexor Partners with Xillio to Deliver the Future of Content Services

We are excited to announce the most recent addition to the Amplexor partner network. Winner of the 2018 LocWorld Process Innovation Challenge and recognized as Gartner “Cool Vendor” Xillio, a content integration and transformation specialist, reinforces Amplexor leading position in the content services marketplace.

This strategic partnership prioritizes content continuity and time-to-market, supports digital transformation, and helps customers implement a seamless integration while ensuring an effortless global user experience and adoption.

Xillio’s technology offers a streamlined, end-to-end content connectivity approach, working seamlessly with existing content management systems and repositories. Rather than replacing systems with a single centralized platform, the connectors allow content to be released from its repositories while maintaining existing system structures. This brings content governance and collaboration to a whole new level as users are able to continue working within their existing content production environment.

Together, both companies will be able to offer a comprehensive set of nearly 30 content connectors into accessible content repositories. The combined power of Xillio and Amplexor allows companies to maximize value at every stage of the content lifecycle, from creation, through localization, to analytics and content intelligence.

"Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do, and this partnership has been formed with them in mind," explains Marcus Casal, Vice President of Content Technology, Amplexor. "This partnership means that we can support customers through every stage of the content lifecycle, from technology implementation, through authoring, localization and content analytics, across all of their repositories. This approach reinforces our global value proposition, and we strongly believe our customers will receive even more value within their content lifecycle journey."

Connectors have been transforming the traditional idea of Enterprise Content Management systems. Instead of trying to centralize all enterprise content into an “all-in-one”, unified platform, Xillio connectivity hubs free up the content from its repositories, maintaining existing systems and workflows in place. As a result, everyone can continue working within their usual, familiar environment, while the connectors guarantee systems communicate seamlessly.

"This partnership is the ideal fit for Xillio," adds Rikkert Engels, Xillio CEO and Founder. "With the unique position, covering all stages of customers' content lifecycles, Amplexor's focus on digital governance, compliance, and experience is perfectly aligned with our connectivity vision. Moreover, this partnership adds tremendous value in support of the entire digital evolution. Xillio is delighted to be part of this ongoing transformation.”

Xillio's multi-repository approach combined with Amplexor content intelligence solutions pave the way to efficient collaboration and streamlined information governance within client-side content repositories, strengthening Amplexor’s prerogative of content continuity and customer experience.

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