AMPLEXOR celebrates technology-led excellence

Our technology partner XTM has just won Think Global Forum Award, recognizing the platform’s contributions to connecting with global audiences effectively and efficiently.

AMPLEXOR prides itself on using award-winning technologies to build our services and support our customers' digital transformation journeys. As a best-in-class content and language solutions company, continuously searching for improvement is what our global teams do every day. For more than 30 years, we’ve been a strong name and a benchmark for top-notch digital platforms, changing the way multinational organizations operate through smarter content and engaging user experiences.

Powering customer-driven digital revolutions across industries and geographies, our drive for excellence has been recognized many times over the years. Most recently, AMPLEXOR was selected as one of three “Rising Star” finalists for the OpenText’s 2019 Partner of the Year Award. The accolade distinguishes companies that stand out in their industry for delivering innovative solutions and being committed to helping customers unleash the power of information.

Late last year, AMPLEXOR was named a Top-100 Company by EContent magazine. As a leading authority on digital publishing, media and marketing, EContent emphasized our contributions to the digital content industry through our winning combination of people, processes and technology.

Also in 2018, the Flemish Government Portal developed by AMPLEXOR won the 2018 e-Gov Awards. Designed with the goal of making scientific research data accessible to everyone, the Flanders Research Information Space (FRIS) was recognized for “Best project” and “Open data”.

In this era of digital innovation, we are confident our core strengths of content and technology put us in a unique position to continue supporting the world’s largest brands as they transform themselves to engage with their global audiences.

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Real-time Documentum reports and dashboards for global pharma company

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AMPLEXOR awarded for outstanding international commerce with Belgium and Luxembourg

On 16th of November, AMPLEXOR enjoyed a successful evening at the Annual Dinner organized by The Portuguese-Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (CCLBL) at Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa, winning the National Belém Tower Award.

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AMPLEXOR included in GALA’s Best of 2016: Top Localization and Translation Content

AMPLEXOR's expert articles published in the end of 2016 were included in GALA’s Best of 2016: Top Localization and Translation Content.

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AMPLEXOR ranked 9th largest language services provider in the world

AMPLEXOR’s official ranking as 9th largest language services providers (LSPs) in the world was announced by the independent market research firm Common Sense Advisory (CSA Research).

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