Investing in customer experience stands at the top of the agenda for many companies operating in the financial and insurance sectors.  In a globalized and fast-paced world in which money travels almost instantaneously, customers expect an all-round premium experience, demanding instant, secure and efficient online services.

Meet us at the Adobe Practice Day Finance and Insurance and learn how banks and insurance companies can deliver an engaging digital customer experience, ensuring services excellence and customer satisfaction while complying with the strict industry requirements.

AMPLEXOR's Business Case

How Belgian online pioneer KBC reaches more customers with a fully integrated content strategy

KBC Bank and Insurance was one of the first to introduce online banking in the Belgian market and has always been a pioneer in the field of online activities. Learn how Adobe Marketing Cloud helped KBC in adapting to the changing needs and usage patterns of online customers.

Lode Vandermeulen, Vice President Financial Sector at AMPLEXOR, will present the integrated solution built for KBC that brings all content-related activities into a single platform, ensuring complete flexibility and speed.

This talk will take place at 11.20 CEST.

Date, Time & Venue

Thursday 16 June 2016 - 08.30 – 15.30

Westhafen Pier 1

Rotfeder-Ring 1

60327 Frankfurt am Main