DrupalCamp is an annual gathering of the Drupal community in Flanders, Belgium.

This two-day event aims to assemble Drupal developers and support the community by strengthening the local Drupal network and presenting interesting new ideas and developments for Drupal.

AMPLEXOR is a long-time supporter of this event and participates as a Silver Sponsor in 2016.

Session - Geysir: Enhancing the Drupal Author Experience

Drupal is a great tool for developers and site builders. However, it is not always as easy to use for content authors.

Geysir is a new Drupal module which improves user experience for end users, relying on the excellent Paragraphs module.

During this session, Jan Lemmens, Drupal Developer at AMPLEXOR, will explain how Geysir came to be and how it helps to improve productivity and ease of use for authors in their daily workflow.

Meet our team and win

Find the AMPLEXOR team at DrupalCamp in Ghent and enter our contest to win a set of boules.

Set of jeu de boules


Download the ebook “Drupal 8: What’s in it for digital experience management?” to gain insights into what Drupal 8 can mean for your organization’s digital experience management and the impact of the arrival of Drupal 8 on your existing Drupal website.

This ebook will focus on some of the major new features and improvements, and some of the questions and concerns you may have if you have a Drupal-built website.