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In the era of digital revolution, technology is shaping society in more ways than we could ever imagine. People now expect intuitive, personalized and real-time interactions in every sphere of life: personal, social and professional. And public organizations feel this demand stronger than anyone else not only across health, welfare and educational services, but mainly, and mostly, through each administrative instance such as licensing, registering or applying. Citizens and businesses need public services to be accessible, faster, and competent and closer to their real needs. On the other hand, governments search for cost-effective services.

Through our long-term cooperation with administration across geographies, we’ve been helping governmental and public institutions in their transition to the digital world. Going beyond the digitization of processes and services, we adjust platforms and systems and redesign operational models to meet today’s high standards of efficiency and responsiveness.

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Amplexor has been awarded the enterprise content management contract by the European Parliament (EP), which includes a 10-year framework agreement, representing an initial estimate of €10.8 million in revenue.

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