Innovation and success in fast-paced, competitive and regulated markets

Managing regulatory challenges in modern global marketplaces

Driving product information management

In today’s increasingly competitive and global marketplace, launching new products successfully has become harder than ever. While thousands of new products are released every year, failure rates reach an impressive 75% to 85% depending on industry.

To remain innovative and competitive, organizations need to bring products to market faster, at a lower cost with fewer resources, while facing evolving regulations.

Product information translations: lessons from a top retailer

Learn how we helped Migros design and implement a globalization strategy that ensures high quality product information and content reuse in multiple contexts

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Explore the challenges and lessons learned from successful implementations of structured content environments across media, manufacturing, aerospace and life sciences industries

Seamless customer experiences and product information automation

Modern consumers demand the ability to interact with businesses when and where is most convenient for them. Enabling seamless omnichannel experiences in every device and channel is as vital as delivering accurate and consistent information within each customer interaction. 

Organizations that are able to organize, manage and distribute their product data efficiently will have an unparalleled competitive advantage. Especially in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, IT, telecommunication and government, operating in global markets that deal with thousands of product information pieces across a disparity of channels.

With 30+ years of experience in enterprise regulated content management, Amplexor understands the challenges of global products launch in fast-paced environments. Deploying world-class data quality and data management programs, we help companies across industries and geographies to improve product development and success rates.

Regulatory Information Management

A solid foundation for global compliance

Quality Document Management

Effective quality monitoring control

Regulatory Labeling

Global and regional labeling management

Faster time to market

Centralized product portfolios for a single source of truth

Premium customer experiences

Consistent product communication across channels

Scale quickly across markets

Seamless translation workflows for greater efficiency

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