One vendor – the market leader in Medicinal Product information. The only next-generation solution available that is Integral by Design, Modular by Implementation. One authoritative source of truth.

The AMPLEXOR Life Sciences Suite helps users effectively tackle industry-specific challenges in R&D, Clinical Trials, RA, PhV, QA/QC, Manufacturing, etc.



ProductExpert is part of AMPLEXOR Life Sciences Suite. It is the first ISO IDMP compliant solution available on the market that enables users to meet IDMP related requirements.

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R&DExpert is the most advanced and highly flexible solution, which enables users to efficiently manage R&D project and document management, including trial management. One environment. One authoritative source of truth.

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QualityExpert is part of AMPLEXOR Life Sciences Suite. It enables users to manage all QA/QC processes and documents through a single user-friendly interface in one environment.

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RIMExpert is part of AMPLEXOR Life Sciences Suite. It is a business intelligence tool designed to standardize the data management process across your company and product lifecycle.

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SubmissionExpert is part of AMPLEXOR Life Sciences Suite. It is the most advanced solution that helps users create, compile, and manage regulatory submissions and publishing.

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This second-generation, compliance-centric solution suite enables life sciences companies to replace siloed tools with a single authoritative software product to proactively manage information, business processes, regulated documents, and electronic records, and to use advanced reporting tools across the entire product lifecycle: from product nomination to post-submission and post-approval maintenance. Enter or import the data into the system only once. Don’t leave your metadata redundant – leverage it over the entire product value chain!

Quality and manufacturing process and document management

Regulatory dossier and submission management (including publishing)

Product and regulatory information management

R&D project and document management (including trial management)

Materiovigilance and pharmacovigilance management

Actionable business intelligence

Take advantage of the best TCO on market


Lower complexity, higher overall quality of products, and sustainable compliance
Life Sciences Solutions Infographic

AMPLEXOR Life Sciences Suite
 is built on unique and innovative Integral by Design, Modular by Implementation(TM) architecture, which allows for seamless integration of all of its modules. Depending on your organization’s needs, it can support either singular compliance-relevant processes or complete enterprise compliance management

Increases the level of efficiency
Increases the level of efficiency
  • Extremely configurable and agile in adapting to new business processes
  • Ready to be validated and deployed without expensive customization
  • Completely self-reliant as it is independent of application, tenancy, infrastructure, and location
Promotes enterprise-wide standardization
Promotes enterprise-wide standardization
  • Supports efficient enterprise-wide collaboration
  • Bolsters data standardization – no data redundancy
  • Ensures simple upgrades and backwards compatibility configuration
Enables the transformation of your business
Enables the transformation of your business
  • Guarantees easy and flexible migrations, interfaces, and process automation
  • Incorporates best-practice modules as a quick start
  • Best design for on- or off-premises – no need for interfaces between subsystems
Available either as a license or as a subscription
Available either as a license or as a subscription
  • So you can choose the option best suited to you
  • Best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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