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We understand how demanding globalizing content can be in today’s fast-paced digital world. Our expert teams can ensure your website — and all digital assets — carry the most accurate and effective messages to each target market. From defining a strategy to creating and managing your daily content, we can optimize and support your global, digital marketing tasks.


  1. SiteSync checks for and finds content updates
  2. Our AMPLEXOR project management team is alerted 
  3. Translation begins automatically - it's that easy


Worry free and hands off 

SiteSync takes the job of global website management off your plate — saving you time, money and a ton of work.

Our reverse proxy language translation solution allows for translation of your website into multiple languages without requiring you to host and manage multiple versions of your site.

As a multilingual mirror of your original website, SiteSync technology lives on our secure servers, monitors for new content, facilitates translation and sends the newly translated updates back to the mirror sites. All on its own. It’s clever that way.


Superior behind-the-scenes technology

Simple, smart technology sets you free to achieve your global growth goals.

Cutting-edge tech sets this solution apart:

  • SiteSync seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and links to advanced reverse proxy technology
  • Translation projects kick off within our translation management system, Transplicity 
  • Your translation memory and other multilingual resources are plugged into the system so you get the most content reuse, cost savings and language consistency possible

Get the data you crave:

  • Gain insight on demand with metrics reports on spend, savings, translation memory reuse and more.

Rely on expert, tech-savvy support:

  • SiteSync's is supported by our technology experts who have decades of immersive experience. It’s what they know, what they do and what they love.


Incredibly efficient

Did you know SiteSync can reduce website time to market by up to 90 percent? How, you ask?

For starters:

  • Automated content extraction means no more copying and pasting or emailing files for translation
  • Complete end-to-end solution that we tailor to suit your needs
  • Customized connectors establish a bridge between your content management system and our translation workflow to improve turnaround time and decrease costs of localizing digital content
  • Automatic notifications are sent to linguists when translation requests are submitted so the job can begin (and be completed) sooner
  • Translations are performed in-context to streamline quality assurance
  • Hosting the translated versions of the site in the cloud makes for faster page load times, improving your customers’ user experience

Would you like to successfully communicate your business worldwide?


Multilingual SEO
How is data secured?

Translation proxy technology is innately highly secure. The translation proxy only sees what regular visitors see and is hosted externally; there is no direct connection to the server database. The proxy interacts with the site and is subject to all the same security settings as a normal user.

Website localization tools
Is it SEO compatible?

Yes. All source content is pulled from the original website, including metadata. Because a translation proxy is open to indexing by search engines like Google, your website will appear for relevant translated keywords in multilingual searches.

Translation management
Is it hard to set up?

Setting up SiteSync is simple. You just need to change your DNS directory so the website points to the host servers instead of your own.

Furthermore, the content management system structure for the source site doesn’t matter. If yours doesn’t support multilingual content, a translation proxy can be a great solution.

Global content integration
What is the pricing structure?

There is a monthly hosting fee in addition to an initial setup cost.

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