87% of consumers begin their buying journey with an online search

Adapting your website to new target markets is crucial for successful global growth. After all, if your content doesn’t resonate with your audiences, they will abandon your site, or simply never find your brand.

Launching a global website, however, can become overwhelming and requires some thought. The good news? We're here to help you. What content to translate? Into which languages? Translation proxy, connectors or manual?

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Hassle-free website globalization

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Single click multilingual website rollouts

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The traditional approach

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More than half of consumers only buy from websites that offer content in their native language.

Is your website optimized for global success?

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At Amplexor, we believe it takes a strategic approach, focusing on process and technology, to scale up your online content and remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. 

We also understand the challenges that come with preparing a website for translation and managing all that multilingual content.  

Whether you require automation, faster time to market, high-quality translations, simplified content workflows, cost savings or a bit of everything – we make it possible.

Why Amplexor?

✓ Globalization expertise
✓ Consulting and guidance
✓ Feature-rich technology
✓ End-to-end approach

"SiteSync translation proxy enabled the launch of Sterigenics’ website in six languages in record time. All while maintaining our high standards and ensuring the continued support of our global web presence."

– Amie Casson, Global Marketing Leader, Sterigenics

Amplexor SiteSync

Website translation proxy

If you prioritize a fast, fully automated solution, this is the option for you! Amplexor SiteSync creates multilingual mirrors of your original website, automatically monitoring new content updates and applying translations on the fly. 

  • Hassle-free solution — minimal manual effort
  • Fast time to market — set up in as little as 30 days
  • No need for globally ready WCMS


Website translation connector

Amplexor’s connector empowers your teams to request (and receive!) translations directly through your WCMS, at the click of a button. Translated content is automatically placed in the right components, respecting the page layout and ensuring design consistency.

  • Simplified translation workflows
  • Faster turnaround for high volumes of content
  • Seamless integration with every CMS

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Manual website translation

Traditional website translation will give you granular control for a minimal investment. It's the right approach if you’re not ready to centralize all your web content management, have a low volume of content or minimal updates.

  • No technology needed
  • Full control over each localization project
  • Flexibility to address more creative content
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A multi-language, online collaboration platform >
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