Over 90 percent of global brands agree consistency is key to customer trust

In the age of content, words matter more than ever. Product names, industry terms, marketing messages – the words you choose to communicate will shape the audience experience through all your brand touchpoints. Having a recognizable brand is key to differentiating your business from the competition and building trust with your customers, teams and partners around the globe.

The good news? We're here to help you grow your brand – on your own terms.

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Terminology Management: what’s in it for you?
✓ Global branding consistency
✓ Consolidated multilingual content
✓ Industry and regulatory compliance

  • Content Consulting
  • Linguistic Asset Analysis
  • Terminology Creation & Localization
  • Term Cleaning & Consolidation 
  • Glossary Maintenance
  • Terminology Hosting & Management
  • International SEO
  • Training & Ongoing Support

Why Amplexor?

✓ Quality at the source
✓ Global terminology expertise
✓ Customized solutions
✓ End-to-end content expertise
✓ Best-in-breed software solutions
✓ Collaborative by design

The path to worldwide consistency, compliance and recognition

At Amplexor, we believe terminology is a key asset to a global strategy. We also understand the challenges that come with managing brand nuances captured in key terminology and adapting it for global markets. Whether it’s brand management, terminology management, content consistency, collaborative dictionaries or global compliance – we deliver end-to-end content services at scale.


Future-proof enterprise terminology, accessible to all

No more disparate meanings, misinterpretations, or inaccurate branding. No matter how complex your linguistic needs are, Amplexor takes care of your entire corporate terminology lifecycle. The goal? Convert scattered and conflicting business terms into a single lexical resource, available in an agile environment to the right stakeholders at any level of your organization. 

Terminology: The secret asset for scaling up your business

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Scalable content strategies 
With unrivaled expertise at all stages of the content lifecycle, our teams are uniquely positioned to help you to build and standardize brand messaging and terminology. From terminology assessment to corporate governance, we provide ongoing assistance for any content needs. 

Collaborative interface & workflows
Terminology should not be a “one-man” job. Our terminology frameworks are designed to integrate with intranets, CMS and translation tools. Subject-matter experts, translators, writers and terminologists can browse and query corporate termbases and edit and validate terms.

Instant access to all your terminology
Light-weight, no login required. Our intelligent web-based application empowers everyone with easy access to the right terminology right at your fingertips. This intuitive interface ensures an effortless terminology search experience for every user.

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