Translation and Localization Services

All languages. All content needs. All translation services. All in one place.

With more than 30 years of translation experience in the public and private sector, our linguistic teams bring thorough industry knowledge and expert perspectives to a variety of business topics.

By understanding the expectations of your target audience, we deliver the right words and cultural meaning in every language ensuring an effective communication throughout the world.


Are you rushing here, there and everywhere to gather all the pieces of your content translation program? The effort involved can make you feel like you’re running a race on a merry-go-round. You’re just not getting anywhere, let alone winning.

We can help you create meaningful connections with your audiences by speaking their languages and delivering your intended messaging to their local markets. 

For over three decades, we’ve been trusted partners of many world-leading organizations from all kinds of industries. Because we have the expertise to handle all content types under one roof, many enterprises with multiple divisions have chosen us for all their end-to-end, multilingual content needs. We’ve been able to scale with firms as their content translation and localization requirements increase in volume and complexity. We’re just adaptable like that. One place to go that gives you everything you need for content translation right from the start. Together we can simplify content translation. Now that’s a major win.

Every day, we localize all kinds of materials as part of our everything-you-need content translation and localization services: 

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eLearning translation

Countless hours have gone into the design and creation of your eLearning and training materials—from the videos and animated presentations to the very words on the page. But if that content doesn’t resonate with each of your core audiences, it’s not all that useful. Avoid this scenario with top-of-the-class eLearning translation services.

Not just anyone is fit to translate your eLearning and training content—only the most talented and adept linguists. That’s why we have teams specifically dedicated to managing and localizing all types of eLearning, training and development content. They’ve done it all:

  • Translation and localization for all training content types: instructional videos, training modules, presentations, voiceovers and more
  • Engineering post-translation services to ensure that all the pieces come together as perfectly as the original version
  • A comprehensive and ongoing quality assurance process so you can rest assured that your localized training materials are engaging for every end user, in every country
  • Familiarity with every technology, learning management system, file format and software program

So, how can we help you impart knowledge to your globe-spanning students?

Software localization

Software localization can be extremely complex. Lots of variables and factors enter into the mix. But thanks to our world-class software localization specialists’ wide breadth of experience and technical know-how, there’s no project they can’t handle.

We’re not tied to any particular tool or technology, either. So, whatever you’ve got, we can get it up and running—for every market. Essentially, we’ve cracked the code for smooth-running software localization solutions.

For over three decades, we’ve been masters of our domain (and others’ as well). Driving end-to-end software localization solutions, we’ve partnered with all sizes of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

We’ve created custom solutions, connected with our clients’ existing systems to ease the process and delivered market-ready software products. We’ve helped our customers create everything, from international websites, mobile apps, workflow systems, cloud-based solutions and conferencing systems to the firmware that runs on your hardware devices. Always working to schedule and to budget.


Audiovisual translation

True artists create compelling multimedia content. Only masters of localization can do justice to the cultural adaptation of your carefully crafted assets.

Settle for nothing less than full-service, demonstrated expertise in multimedia localization projects. That’s what we offer here at AMPLEXOR.

Each and every day, our teams manage large-scale multimedia localization projects for growth-mode and enterprise-level clients. We only work with the crème de la crème of video production crews, recording studios and other partners worldwide who live and breathe audiovisual content. Expertise and quality. That’s our not-so-secret recipe for making sure you get the results you expect. What we do:

  • Voice-overs
  • Script creation or transcription of the original master
  • Script translation
  • Subtitle and caption translation and production
  • Video production
  • Audio and video post-production
  • Art and graphics localization
  • Animation localization
  • Cultural assessment of multimedia content
  • Multimedia quality assurance

Expertise and quality. That’s our not-so-secret recipe for making sure you get the results you expect.

Let us bring simplicity to your global expansion.


Multilingual desktop publishing
Multilingual desktop publishing

Our highly experienced multilingual desktop publishing professionals have the skills and cultural familiarity to ensure your global design gets the right local look. We’re all about making sure your content wows the crowd, country by country.


Sometimes standard translation of marketing messages just isn’t enough. When it comes to creative content, it’s not about just translating words. It’s about translating ideas and concepts to generate the same energy and enthusiasm evoked in the source language. Our transcreation specialists focus on the creative stylizing and re-creation of a message so your value proposition and company brand strongly resonate with a local market. 

Interpretation services
Interpretation services

We offer complete interpretation services in Europe, Asia and the Americas in a range of formats, including on-site, online, simultaneous, consecutive or in a conference setting. No matter the situation, we will work with you to select the right interpretation resources and cover the associated logistical details. 

Linguistic review
Linguistic review

Existing multilingual content is especially valuable when it can be reused. As the pace of change in many industries accelerates, we involve subject matter experts and certified linguists to support our customers in validating and enhancing their content assets through a range of specialized services: content validation, 3rd party linguistic review and assessment, technical terminology verification, among others.
Take a look at our other Quality Assurance capabilities


In a word (okay, four words), we love language translation. It’s all we do, day in and day out. So, we really can promise expert translation services focused on your target audience expectations. Our entire reason for being is to bring simplicity to your language translation and localization strategy.

AMPLEXOR linguistic experts are trained for highly complex content translation in specific industries. We understand your industry challenges, delivering the right mix of processes, technology and resources to tackle large volumes of information, demanding time-to-markets and regulations constraints.

Because a marketing specialist and a patent analyst do not have the same expectations in terms of translation, we treat each text differently. By catering to the specific content needs for each domain, we can provide the right terminology and translation approach to relay concepts and ideas: from Marketing to HR, Legal, and R&D.

In fact, we even have an entire solution dedicated to Life Sciences—because we understand the compliance complexities and dedicated expertise required.

The right use of terminology can ensure compliance with industry regulations. We’ve seen and handled it all, so there’s no such thing as unfamiliar territory for us. Translations specific to cryogenic systems? High performance optocouplers? Yeah, done it. That’s just part of professional translation—and one key ingredient in giving you the translation quality you need.

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