Language Solutions for Life Sciences



AMPLEXOR Life Sciences has more 30 years of experience providing language and global content services to the Life Sciences industry with an uncompromising commitment to quality. Our clients receive the highest level of quality translations, unmatched expertise and industry knowledge… all driven by proprietary technology and innovative processes.



Clinical Research Translations and Linguistic Validation Solutions

Linguistic Validation processes and methodologies deliver uncompromising quality for translations of Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs), ensuring both linguistic and conceptual equivalence with the source in many therapeutic areas. Read more >>


eLearning and Training

Our team of technical specialists have extensive experience with localizing eLearning and training materials ranging from simple PowerPoint to multimedia computer-based (CB) and instruction-led (IL) training. We not only localize your training materials, we work with your marketing and development teams to optimize the structure and layout to make your localization efforts easy and streamlined.


Globalization Consulting

Our experienced consultants can help you identify pain points and challenges with your current globalization model and recommend a path for a comprehensive end-to-end globalization strategy. This includes a technology assessment to take the pain out of the entire process.


Medical Translations

We help pharma and medical device companies realize their goals with their global product market efforts as we focus on the full product lifecycle and content strategy. Our tasks go beyond translation of product information. We deploy our deep understanding of the industry, regulatory requirements and cutting-edge technology to address the needs of our customers.


Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Our highly experienced multilingual desktop publishing professionals provide you with the technical expertise to ensure that your documents are formatted, designed and graphics localized in any language using industry leading technologies (InDesign, FrameMaker, and auto publishing with XML).


Multilingual Marketing

Our marketing experts can help you deliver fast, consistent and relevant multilingual marketing messages through your website or marketing campaigns. Supported by medical marketing language experts, we ensure your message is adjusted to local culture while at the same time maintaining medical accuracy.


Packaging and Labeling

AMPLEXOR Life Sciences is recognized for our wide-ranging expertise and experience translating packaging and labeling content to help you market your products anywhere in the world. Our tasks go beyond translation of product information. We deploy our deep understanding of the industry, regulatory requirements and cutting-edge technology to address the needs of our customers. We understand how critical accuracy and safety are and implement rigorous and proven methodologies to meet your requirements.


Regulatory Submissions

We offer the latest technologies to automate and streamline the submissions process wherever possible, allowing us to assist you with bringing products to market faster. We develop and use innovative tools to help automate linguistic and format compliance, and build translation memory databases to streamline translation processes, enabling you to meet tight deadlines and obtain market authorizations faster.


Software and Mobile App Localization and Testing

We offer a full range of software localization services for medical devices and mobile applications. Our experience includes, but is not limited to, consumer applications, diagnostic software, as well as specialized surgical applications. We streamline the testing process by applying cutting-edge automation techniques. We understand the challenges with localizing and testing software and mobile applications that are regulated, and partner with our clients to enable an agile development methodology.


Translation Management Technology

Using state-of-the-art translation management technologies, both custom-built and industry-leading technologies, we work with you to define implementation strategies and help you maximize your cost and time savings while securing linguistic quality and consistency.


Website Localization

From project planning to website deployment, AMPLEXOR Life Sciences will help you create appealing websites for your local/global markets that can lower costs, reduce testing time and decrease the number of potential pitfalls before your localized website goes live. We apply proxy technology to achieve this and also offer multilingual SEO services to ensure the success of your global marketing strategies.

To consult with an AMPLEXOR Life Sciences language solutions expert about your translation needs, connect with us.