AMPLEXOR Globalization Strategy

Globalization consulting—expert assistance where, when and how you need it

You should never feel lost in your own translation program. Our experts can help you identify multilingual challenges, pinpoint optimization opportunities and define your globalization goals so you can take control of your translation program.

After a thorough analysis of your existing processes, we can advise on best practices, resources, workflows and technology while aligning with your budgets and objectives. Our comprehensive, consultative approach involves internal stakeholders, business partners, providers, customers, and other external communities.


We can help you develop an integrated, end-to-end content globalization strategy or help you tackle specific pieces of your translation program, such as quality management. 

Requirements assessment 
Partner with you to define your company’s strategic objectives and global communication needs, from authoring to multilingual content delivery

Current state audit
Paint a clear picture of your current situation and understand the limits of and gaps in existing processes, workflows, people and technology

Recommendation and roadmap
After understanding your company’s localization maturity, translation program status, budget, strategic objectives and challenges, we chart your way to success by delivering a roadmap with clear milestones and guidelines for improving your content globalization processes and maximizing return on investment 

Technology recommendation
Based on our extensive knowledge of the content management solutions on the market, and a complete understanding of your specific requirements, we identify the right technology that supports your globalization needs, timing and budget.

Language quality assurance
Our independent translation review service provides content reviews by professional, industry-specific linguists, streamlined translation review management, quality assurance processes based on translation industry standards, assistance with developing style guides and glossaries, defined service level agreements, advanced metrics and KPIs to monitor, evaluate and score quality, language quality benchmarking


Learn how market trends could impact your content
  • Learn how market trends could impact your content globalization requirements
Identify opportunities to optimize and improve your translation
  • Identify opportunities to optimize and improve your translation and localization program
Implement a tailor-made roadmap
  • Implement a tailor-made roadmap for solving your end-to-end content globalization challenges
Establish a sustainable approach to content globalization
  • Establish a sustainable approach to content globalization that enables you to maintain control of your translation and localization program amid evolving market trends and competitive pressures 

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