90 percent of people want to learn in their native language.

Are you catering to your global audience?

It’s no question elearning is a vital part of any company’s training and talent development programs. The convenience of online classes makes them the preferred and most effective method, especially for global companies with teams spread across different offices and locations.

Adapting courses for multiple cultures can involve a bit of a learning curve, simply due to the myriad of pieces involved. The good news? We're here to help you make your elearning courses accessible for all.

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Training experiences tailored for (global) success

At Amplexor, we’ve worked alongside many companies specializing in elearning development for worldwide audiences.  

We understand the unique requirements and challenges that go hand in hand with global training programs, including technology, delivery and system integrations.  

Whether you are developing online training material or your company specializes in elearning development, we can handle it all - on schedule and on budget. 

Video Editing | Voice Over Editing | Dubbing and Subtitling | Speech to Text (STT) | Text to Speech (TTS)

Why Amplexor?

✓ Globalization leadership
✓ Elearning content expertise
✓ Supports all LMS and authoring tools
✓ System Integration
✓ Workflow automation
✓ End-to-end approach

A gold star for stand-out service: from training concept to global deployment

Do you need to translate a single course into one language or do you have a series of training programs going out to learners all over the world? Either way you can trust Amplexor to meet your expectations at every step. 

Elearning strategy
Centralized training strategies or fully localized learning programs that are culturally appropriate for each of your local markets. 

Econtent expertise
Based in strategic locations around the world, our teams have specific expertise in learning and content development, no matter the size and scale. 

Multi-format learning
Instructional videos, product animations, training modules, presentations, voiceovers, AR/VR and other highly technical multimedia projects – we cover all the bases.   

Workflow automation
Automate translation and localization workflows by connecting your content source systems to your preferred translation tools, while keeping a centralized view of all your content projects. 

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Collaborative approach takes legal learning experience to new heights

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Strong creative partnerships
Our international network of creative specialists and partners, can work directly with your team to build global ready training programs. 

Quality assurance
A comprehensive and ongoing process so you can rest assured that your localized training materials are engaging for every end user, in every country. 

Whatever your technology or file format, we can get your training up and running – hassle free. We are well versed in all learning management systems (LMS), including custom solutions.

Amplexor elearning localization solutions support the most popular authoring tools for training and rich media content, including:

Adobe Captivate
Adobe Premiere
Apple Final Cut
Articulate Rise
Articulate Storyline
Trivantis Lectora
Text to Speech (TTS) and Speech to Text (STT) technology

Your system’s not here? Get in touch. We develop bespoke integrations for your unique elearning ecosystem.

Are your training resources reaching your international audiences?

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