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In today’s global marketplaces, personalization and omnichannel experiences are key for business competitiveness. To keep pace, organizations are challenged to find innovative ways to engage with their customers across more channels, devices, languages and regions than ever before. 

The good news? Amplexor is here to help you to scale up your global content strategy and personalize customer experiences at scale. Covering your content lifecycle end-to-end, we help you to personalize your interactions with audiences worldwide.

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At Amplexor we believe that content is the core of every organization. We also understand the challenges of tailoring systems to scale up content creation, collaboration and publishing across global regions.

For the past +30 years we’ve been transforming business ecosystems across industries and geographies, turning content into a strategic differentiator. 

Whether it’s strategy, technology, high-quality translations, content intelligence or a bit of everything – we make it all possible.



Why Amplexor

  • Globalization expertise 
  • Consulting and guidance
  • Feature-rich technology 
  • End-to-end approach
Leah Polaski, Crossfit
“Amplexor has been a great coach on our localization journey. Having the support of an expert has been instrumental in our continued growth.”
Icon - Translation & Localization

Translation & Localization  
Supporting more than 500 language combinations 
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Icon - Content Connectivity

Content Connectivity  

Content continuity and seamless integration 
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Icon - Website Translation

Website Translation  

Make your website ready for the world stage 
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Icon - Elearning Localization

Elearning Localization  

Training experiences tailored for (global) success 

Icon - Rich Media Localization

Rich Media Localization  

Engage international audiences with interactive media 
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Icon - Software Globalization

Software Globalization 

Market-ready software for users worldwide
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Icon - Machine Translation

Machine Translation 

Technology and translation expertise – hand-in-hand
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Icon - Enterprise Terminology

Enterprise Terminology 

Your key to brand consistency worldwide
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“Working with Amplexor has allowed us to put ‘Quality First’ in every aspect of our company. Our teams cannot thank you enough!”

Daniel Ritter, Senior Application Portfolio Manager, Belimo

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