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We partner with the top digital market leaders to deliver the best technology to our customers. Our strong expertise in setting up digital platforms combined with a comprehensive understanding of your company’s priorities and objectives, allows us to select the best digital platform for your business, that will suit both your needs and budget.


Revolutionizing online media experience - The VRT brand success story

Find out how Amplexor helped European broadcaster VRT become a reference for content quality, visitor interaction and emotional media experiences.


Diversifying a global insurance brand's online presence

Discover how Amplexor helped an insurance group bring their multi-channel strategy to life online with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).


Customer experience revamp: a banking success story powered by Adobe

Discover how Amplexor helped one of the leading banking and insurance companies in Belgium to strengthen their customer satisfaction through an online hub focused on providing them with the best experience.


Enterprise Augmented Reality improves manufacturing efficiency

Learn how an all-in-one Augmented Reality solution is helping a global manufacturing company increase revenue through multiple business operations: Sales & Customer Engagement, Maintenance & Repair, Remote Assistance and Education & Training.



10 Productivity Hacks for Microsoft Teams

Get our ebook for an easy-to-follow guide to making the most of Microsoft Teams and its hidden gems for a more successful digital workplace.

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How to build an empire: plan, deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams

Read our ebook now and discover all you you should consider to successfully launch Microsoft Teams and start building your collaboration empire.

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8 Be's for better banking experience - Infographic

Get our infographic for an easy-to-follow guide to deliver trustworthy banking experiences that measure up to today's customer expectations.

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Customer Experience in the Financial Sector - Digital Transformation Playbook 2020

Download your digital transformation playbook to learn how banks and insurance companies keep up with evolving customer expectations and technology trends.

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