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We partner with the top digital market leaders to deliver the best technology to our customers. Our strong expertise in setting up digital platforms combined with a comprehensive understanding of your company’s priorities and objectives, allows us to select the best digital platform for your business, that will suit both your needs and budget.


A major overhaul for a large player in the financial markets with AEM - Case Study

Download this case study to learn more about the website redesign AMPLEXOR implemented with Adobe Experience Manager for our financial sector customer.


A multi-language, online collaboration platform and website in drupal for the european commission

Building an international, multilingual website for the European Commission and its many partners, all in less than six months: a major challenge.


A single, centralized content management platform for one of the largest bank insurers in Belgium

Find out how we created a single, centralized content management platform with Adobe Experience Manager for one of the largest bank insurers in Belgium.


Creating an online platform with Adobe Experience Manager for the Province of Antwerp – AMPLEXOR Case Study

AMPLEXOR built a new platform for the Province of Antwerp based on Adobe Experience Manager, allowing for the rapid roll-out of 18 separate online presences.



Top 10 tips when selecting a web content management system – Ebook provided by SDL

Are you looking to implement an effective web content management system? Take a look at these 10 guidelines to ensure you have all your bases covered.

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Why context is essential in digital marketing – White Paper provided by SDL and Altimeter

What is context within digital marketing and what role does it play? What is contextual marketing? Find out in this white paper by SDL and Altimeter.

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Managing anonymous and authenticated experiences across the customer lifecycle – White paper provided by Adobe

This guide by Adobe present the best practices you need to know when managing personalized customer experiences.

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Download “Improving Customer Experience with Product Documentation” - White Paper by AMPLEXOR

Download for free and learn how to improve and integrate your various content sources to deliver a consistent multichannel experience to all potential users

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