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Digital transformation is impacting workspaces everywhere. Being restricted to a physical office is a thing of the past and the modern workforce demands a dynamic environment with flexible time, flexible spaces and flexible ways of working. Information must be instantly accessible via any device and communication cannot be slowed by physical barriers among colleagues, partners and suppliers.

AMPLEXOR Digital Workplace allows you to improve your employees’ work experience by delivering all tools and technologies they need to stay fully productive on the go.


Lead the way to modern workplaces and happier and more productive teams

Work from any device

Work from any device
Support a multi-device approach for true mobility and work flexibility, accessing and sharing documents and resources away from the physical office or workplace.

Improve team collaboration

Improve team collaboration
Transition from the world of individual creation to real-time, anytime, anywhere collective creation, extending teamwork with intuitive collaborative tools.

Create your own social network

Create your own social network
Connect employees, partners and suppliers through common spaces with a familiar social interface to promote open dialogues, collaboration and networking.

Two-way instant communication

Two-way instant communication
Let your teams around the world collaborate with the same focus, engagement and visual interaction as if they were in the same room, whether through meetings, conferences or large-scale trainings.

Centralize all your business apps

Centralize all your business apps
Enable workers to get their job done efficiently by extending the reach of business applications with remote, browser or mobile access in any device.

Faster and responsive information

Faster and responsive information
Make content more intuitive to manage with user-friendly document libraries with built-in settings and tools for document search, versioning, approval and workflows.

Increase business productivity

Increase business productivity
Improve collaboration through innovative, “social by design” instant communication tools that help you speed-up workflows with direct and concise feedback on-the-spot.

Boost staff satisfaction

Boost staff satisfaction
Develop an exceptional work environment where employees can access the right tools at the right time to find the information they need more quickly and serve their customers more efficiently.

Looking for new ways of connecting dispersed teams and spark employee engagement?

Open your business to the new social corporate culture


Innovative digital workplace tools and an holistic strategy that promotes faster user adoption and “buy in”

  • Responsive, multi-device interfaces
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Online/offline access to files
  • High security and continuous back-up
  • Shared team portals
  • Project and task management tools
  • Co-authoring capabilities
  • Screen, apps and document sharing
  • Social employee directory
  • Personalized search and smart discovery
  • Collaborative ideation platform
  • Polling, surveys and discussion forums 
  • Familiar Office tools
  • Online business apps
  • Automated approvals and feedback workflows
  • Business intelligence dashboards
  • Personalized interfaces
  • Shared mailboxes and calendars
  • Real-time messaging and notifications
  • Virtual meeting rooms 





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