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Working closely with global marketing departments across a variety of industries has given us an in-depth know-how on their main challenges and priorities.
AMPLEXOR Digital Marketing Solutions combine cutting-edge technology with digital best practices and expertise to support a successful marketing strategy. Through an innovative set of automation tools we enhance your global marketing efforts and deliver personalized experiences across your digital channels.

Grow traffic, convert leads and track your entire marketing activities

Inbound marketing

Attract and engage with your audiences through the use of digital content such as blogs, videos, eBooks and emails. We ensure the right tools to generate optimized landing pages, automated CTAs and personalized messaging based on location, profile, traffic source, device and more.

Campaign management

Leading marketing automation tools to plan, execute and analyze multichannel campaigns. From email marketing to paid advertising, our offer includes tools for audience segmentation, campaign optimization, localization and advanced analytics. 

SEO optimization

Get a better search engine ranking and attract more organic traffic to your channels through SEO modules and plugins. Tools such as automatic metadata and content tags help you easily apply SEO best practices to optimize your website reach and conversion.

Social strategy

Social media has a high impact in today's customer journeys. Our fully integrated social media management tools can help you to curate and deliver social content, track campaign interactions and monitor leads engagement.

Marketing collaboration

Turn your website into an online sales channel to expand your global reach. From safe payments and easy checkout processes to out-of-the-box options for discounts and gift cards, you have all the tools to ensure the best online buying experience.

Marketing collaboration

Email campaigns and newsletters made easy with responsive templates and advanced personalization options for true cross-channel experiences. Get a true measure of your email marketing ROI and optimize future mailings based on the most engaging content.

Marketing collaboration

Built-in data-privacy features to make GDPR marketing compliance easy and effortless. Dedicated GDPR APIs, data labelling and tagging systems help you to protect visitors’ personal information and automate access and deletion requests.

Marketing collaboration

Monitor data across every digital channel to get a full-picture of your audiences, including website behavior, campaign interactions, referrals and lead conversions. Embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities help you to identify optimization opportunities in real time. 

Marketing collaboration

We take marketing teams to a whole new level of collaboration, while keeping creativity and inspiration flowing. By redesigning marketing workspaces we reconnect remote workers, smooth project management and improve findability of marketing assets.

Marketing globalization

Deliver fast, consistent, and relevant multilingual messages through your website or marketing campaigns. Supported by the best technology and language expertise we ensure your message is adjusted to local audiences’ language, culture, and behaviors. 

"61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority."

HubSpot, 2017


Expand brand awareness and visibility
Expand brand awareness and visibility

Through global, consistent messages and expanded digital reach 

Increase lead generation and conversion
Increase lead generation and conversion

With personalized tactics that adjust to audience profile and behavior

Enhance customer satisfaction and advocacy
Enhance customer satisfaction and advocacy

Delivering smooth, premium experiences across your marketing channels

Overcome technology and data overload
Overcome technology and data overload

By managing all marketing activities into a centralized integrated platform

Overcome technology and data overload
Optimize marketing budgets and resources

Reinventing workspaces for creative collaboration and teamwork

Monitor customer behavior and brand reputation
Monitor customer behavior and brand reputation

Get accurate insights on your customers’ interactions and feedbacks

Looking for new ways to engage and convert prospects into customers?


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