AMPLEXOR Digital Consulting

While technology keeps evolving at an increasingly fast pace, companies need to keep up and adjust their business strategy to today’s digital world. AMPLEXOR Digital Consulting brings together multi-disciplinary teams to architect, lead and develop a tailor-made approach for all your digital initiatives. Supported by our expertise in digital platforms, content management systems and best practices, we redesign your digital ecosystems and help you to identify and capture new business opportunities.


We support your digital journey with a collaborative partnership approach
Digital presence audit

Getting a clear view of your overall digital health is key to determine how you should invest in the future. Our digital presence audit is a detailed check-up focusing on technology and workflows across digital channels such as websites, intranets, social channels, emails and other supporting marketing tools. 

Technology landscape

AMPLEXOR digital teams have worked with a wide variety of tools and platforms for companies across industries, markets and maturity levels. This in-depth expertise combined with a detailed analysis of your company’s challenges and requirements allow us to be in the right position to find the most suitable technology to fit your business needs and budget. 

Business case & roadmap

Working together with all business stakeholders we build a clear step-by-step project roadmap to guide your digitalization processes.  Using our agile methodology we gather all business requirements, competitor analysis, technical constraints and governance workflows. This will help us to understand which factors will make your digital experience a success and where to save costs and increase revenues.

Vision and concept

Our team of UI and UX experts uses prototypes and wireframes to bring to life functionality, navigation and look & feel. To ensure a clear view on how systems and users will interact, we shape a well-structured information architecture, including site maps and user-flows covering all possible integrations and exceptions.

Looking for the right partner to guide your business's digital transformation journey?


An experienced partner who knows your business from inside-out and guides your investment for the right digital features

Drive business innovation
Drive business innovation

Jump-start your digital transformation with a fast and flexible deployment for guaranteed user adoption and minimal risk.

Access a global talent pool
Access a global talent pool

Leverage the collective power of our specialists in customer engagement, experience design, asset management and emerging technologies.

Maximize your digital ROI
Maximize your digital ROI

Our agile approach ensures your digital strategy adjusts to your unique context and business goals to achieve better results.

Stay ahead of competitors
Stay ahead of competitors

We keep a close eye on your competitors and industry trends to secure your market position and improve your competitive edge. 

Keep up with latest trends
Keep up with latest trends

Our digital consultants are continuously trained and up-to-date with the latest technology, best practices and business trends. 


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We take your legacy systems from the way of business innovation