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Digital technology is transforming the industrial and manufacturing world. Industry 4.0 companies need flexible systems to fully connect their stakeholders all along the value chain. Camka is a leap forward in remote maintenance and assistance, delivering first-rate experience to customers, suppliers and employees.


Camka connects your field technicians with in-house qualified experts through a secure collaboration platform

Camka features - User-centric collaborative interface

User-centric collaborative interface

Camka features - Offline mode with seamless synchronization

Offline mode with seamless synchronization

Camka features - High-quality audio + video streaming technology

High-quality audio + video streaming technology

Camka features - SaaS or On Premise deployment

SaaS or On Premise deployment

Camka features - Shared whiteboard, documents and pictures

Shared whiteboard, documents and pictures

Camka features - Flexible mission reports

Flexible mission reports

Camka features - Cross-platform and multi-OS compatibility

Cross-platform and multi-OS compatibility

Camka features - Enterprise system integration

Enterprise system integration (LDAP, CRM, CMMS, CMS, etc.)

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Qualified on-Site interventions with Camka
Qualified On-Site Interventions

Empower your staff to assist even in the most complex operations, reducing the need for specialized training or technicians.

Less downtime and errors with Camka
Less Downtime and Failures

Simplify maintenance procedures and assure top quality service with expert guidance and real-time multimedia support.

Continuous performance monitoring with Camka
Performance Monitoring

Control service quality and trace operations and clients' reports through Camka's advanced ticketing and reporting system.

Higher customer satisfaction with Camka
Higher Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring faster and error-free inspections and repairs, Camka improves customer experience and service quality.

Improved business results with Camka
Improved Business Results

Memorable users' experience will reflect on increased product usage, higher conversion rates and larger average order value.


Access Camka on any device
Access Camka on any device
Select an expert by skill/topic with Camka
Select an expert by skill/topic
Open the incident: Automatic ticket creation with Camka
Open the incident: Automatic ticket creation
Collaborate with interactive tools with Camka
Collaborate with interactive tools
Problem solved: Ticket closed with Camka
Problem solved: Ticket closed
Generate incident report with Camka
Generate incident report


Camka can simplify procedures across maintenance, repair and overhaul

Camka use cases - Complex machinery repair
Machinery repair

Support field technicians in complex machinery maintenance and repair with real-time information or remote expertise.

  • Shorter intervention times
  • Higher service-quality
  • Higher involvement of the domain experts
Camka use cases - Maintenance and overhaul
Maintenance and overhaul

Simplify intervention procedures and streamline inspections’ workflows through structured guidelines and reports.

  • Low cost operations
  • Higher production ratio
  • Knowledge sharing
Camka use cases - Construction site supervision
Construction site supervision

Ensure a secure and efficient construction site, gathering and structuring all related information to supervise resources and time.

  • Team and projects’ overview
  • Live monitoring for compliance
  • Detailed task management
Camka use cases - Training

The advanced multimedia capabilities of Camka transform this simple user-friendly platform into a powerful training tool.

  • Intuitive and accessible to all
  • Available on-the-go in any device
  • Higher engagement with video capabilities

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