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In the age of customer-centricity, having an effective acquisition plan to onboard customers is key to maximize your products and services’ value. While the success of a brand is no longer just defined by its sales volume but, more and more, by the relationships built with consumers, the buying journey has made its way into marketing and sales’ limelight.

AMPLEXOR Customer Experience Solutions give you all the resources you need to provide a high-quality customer service through your digital channels, engaging users and improving business results in the long run. For your customers, this will mean 24/7, fast and cost-efficient support and significantly higher satisfaction rates.


We understand not all companies are “digital natives” with simple and flexible processes designed in the context of the digital world. We transform your current systems and workflows into a fully and streamlined customer experience ecoystem.

Service excellence

Our fully integrated approach maximizes service quality and consistency, ensuring full control of all your customer touchpoints: from real-time social media complaints management to online self-service support, through on-site installers and assistants.

Innovative channels

Improve your users’ experience and capture your audience attention through diverse formats and channels. From augmented reality to video demos, through online service guides, customer portals or mobile apps, we convert any type of content to the desirable channel.

Customer advocacy

We help you to harness the power of satisfied customers, using user-generated content and communities, tracking positive and negative comments, requests and opinions. Through forms, surveys, and other digital tools, we keep a 24/7 open channel to your business. 

Multilingual support

Supported by state-of-the-art technology and experienced translation teams, we deliver fast, high-quality and personalized content in more than 50 languages, making sure your customer service is as global as your brand.

Looking for new ways to interact with your customers and end-users?

We lift your customer service to the digital era!
Ensure customer loyalty

Keeping your brand in top of mind with fast response and personalized support

Add value to your brand

Helping users to get the most out of your services or products.

Increase sales and revenue

Taking your satisfied customers to up and cross-selling. 

Nurture your customers with the right onboarding experience



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