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For over 30 years, AMPLEXOR has been helping renowned organizations worldwide with their content management processes, focusing on performance, user experience and efficiency. Through a close partnership with clients we’ve developed unequaled competences in XML technologies merging our long history of success within industry-specific applications in the creation of a one-stop center of XML expertise.

AMPLEXOR XML Center of Excellence includes a comprehensive operations and maintenance services portfolio and high-skilled international resources to keep you up–to-date with the latest XML releases and best practices, while ensuring smooth integrations and long-term systems optimization. 

A complete portfolio of industry-specific XML applications, services and tools

supported by a unique team of international XML experts

A tailored XML strategic approach aligned with your unique business requirements - including technology and content legacy analysis, infrastructure, configurations, training and operations.

  • Content structuring
  • Legacy workflows/systems auditing
  • Change management consulting

A structured approach to support content production, management, storage and distribution for organizations that deal with large volumes of documents, especially within regulated industries.

  • Compliant with standards like XSD, DTD, DITA, S1000D and ATA
  • Multi-format publishing: XML, PDF, SGML, VML, AR
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG editors and user-friendly interfaces

We customize XML-based solutions and adapt legacy systems to ensure premium usability, performance and flexibility.

  • Legacy documents conversion
  • System (XML production chain) deployment
  • Training (users and administrators)

International operations and maintenance services to keep you up–to-date with the latest releases, ensuring smooth integration and long-term success of your systems.

  • Start-up support
  • System improvement

XML | XSL | XPath

XML Content Structuring

XML Content Structuring

  • XSD / DTD
  • DITA
    S1000D / ATA
XML Content Authoring

XML Content Authoring

  • Desktop/Online Authoring tools
  • Schematron
Data Management

Data Management

  • CCMS
  • XML databases
XML Publishing

XML Publishing

  • Rendering Tools
Advanced XML Publishing

Advanced XML Publishing

  • Xquery
  • XProc
  • XML pipeline development
  • XML processes

Tailored XML solutions for industry-specific applications

On-time, on-budget, goal-based delivery

Long-term XML expertise
We’ve been working with XML technology for over 20 years, building up competencies in content structuring, document legacy migration and single-source publishing (multi-channel, multilingual and multi-user).

Industry leading standards
With a solid cross-industry reputation throughout the whole content lifecycle, AMPLEXOR sets high standards within industry-specific XML applications, formats and regulations, such as DITA, ATA and S1000D.

On-time, on-budget, goal-based delivery
AMPLEXOR relies on the Agile Methodology approach to ensure all our projects are strictly aligned with the client’s deadlines and milestones. Working in close partnership with our clients, we tailor our solutions to their unique needs

Quality assurance
Our service centers have a distinguished track record in quality control services and are entirely compliant with the highest quality standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 9126.

Multifaceted profiles
Besides solid professional service experience, our dedicated XML teams cover a wide range of certified profiles: from developers to consultants, from architects to coaches.

International resources
With 40 offices across 22 countries and a global pool of talented resources, we’re able to serve our clients wherever they need us.

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